Haystack Rock Cannon Beach OR copy
Haystack Rock is one of the most popular landmarks on the North Coast of Oregon.  Tourists from around the world travel to the small beach town of Cannon Beach to get a glimpse of the 235 foot tall intertidal structure.  Locals claim this is the 3rd largest intertidal structure in the world and is home to animals like star fish, crabs, sea anemone’s, and limpets.  The top of Haystack Rock is inhabited by hundreds of sea birds including the legendary Tufted Puffin.  Morrisey Productions is in the process of filming and producing a Pacific Northwest adventure video that will include the most scenic locations on the Oregon Coast.  Our video will be unique because it is being filmed mainly by drone.  The above picture is a screen capture from one of our aerial fly overs of Haystack Rock.  The full video should be released in late summer of 2015.

Author: Seth Morrisey

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