Why we love Cannon Beach Oregon

Have you visited Cannon Beach? If not, we highly recommend it! There really is something special about this place. It’s a feeling, a vibe, a energy that’s hard to put into words. The scenic beauty of the world famous Haystack Rock must be experienced to understand. This monolith is much larger than most people realize, and is visible from much of the city. Cannon Beach also sites right next to Ecola State Park which is one of the most breathtaking state parks on the Oregon Coast.

Showcasing outdoor adventure in Cannon Beach

This video was filmed and produced for the Cannon Beach Chamber of Commerce. The idea here was to capture the magic while revealing just a few of the outdoor adventure opportunities available. The goal in this production was to give the viewer just a small taste of the outdoor recreation possibilities while showcasing unique angles and perspectives of Cannon Beach.

Here are a few photos from the video production

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The concept behind this video was to showcase scenic landmarks on the North Oregon Coast being explored by Ford vehicles. This video was filmed and produced for Astoria Ford in Warrenton Oregon. The video features the Astoria Column, Warrenton Jetty, Astoria-Megler Bridge, and more.

I really enjoyed producing this video for Astoria Ford because they gave us a good amount of creative control. The concept was simple, showcase Ford vehicles while touring local scenic landmarks. The filming on the Astoria-Megler bridge was especially challenging because we needed the shot right at sunrise and there was a lot of traffic on the bridge at the time. It took 5 takes before we finally nailed the shot we were looking for. In the end, we were very happy with how the video turned out and are excited to film the next one!

Watch the Astoria Ford Northwest Scenic Landmark video on Facebook below.

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Built in 1872, the Yaquina Head Lighthouse in Newport Oregon is a must see destination on the Oregon Coast. The crew at Morrisey Productions was hired by the Discover Newport marketing committee to film and produce a series of 3 television commercials to promote tourism in Newport, especially during the off-season. The first TV commercial took place at the docks on Yaquina Bay and featured the Coast Pride Fishing Boat. The second TV spot was filmed and produced at the Rogue Brewery on the bay and featured master brewer John Maier. Finally, the last television spot above was filmed at the historic Yaquina Head Lighthouse. It was a pleasure working with the City of Newport and the marketing committee. Each TV spot was shot in one day so weather and crowds made the filming somewhat challenging, but the final product still turned out well. “Filming on the Oregon Coast is always a challenge, but we made the best of it,” said Seth Morrisey the producer on the shoot. Brit Morrisey ran lead camera and did an incredible job capturing the natural beauty of the Oregon Coast. Watch the full Yaquina Head Television commercial below.

Morrisey Productions produced this video for Sunset Empire located in Seaside Oregon.

For nearly 50 years the Sunset Empire Parks and Recreation District has provided more than just recreation services to the North Coast Community. The District offered the first modern indoor public pool in all of Clatsop County in beginning in 1976. The Sunset Pool continues to serve the thousands of people that come through its doors each month through the healing power of water. Since it’s inception, the district has sought to provide high-quality recreation programs at an affordable cost.  Swim lessons, after school programs, senior exercise classes, and annual spring egg hunt only begin to tell the story of the programming available. Park and recreation agencies have three important values that make them essential services to communities. Economic value, health, environmental benefits, and social importance. Park and Recreation departs are vital in ensuring the quality of life in the community and ensuring the health of families and youth. What would a trip to the North Coast be without a stroll along the promenade or a stop at one of our beautiful beaches? Research has shown that parks and recreation programs improve the local tax base and increase property values. Those features increase the lives of members of our community as well as having an entity that overseas recreation programs and facilities. While we all enjoy the beautiful North Coast, there are many times when outdoor recreation opportunities are limited. Clatsop County receives more than double the amount of average rainfall than most of the country. So where can our district residents go to recreate? That’s where the Sunset Empire Parks and Recreation District comes in and provides this valuable service.

Recreation and physical activity are especially critical in our society today as research indicates that frequent activity and movement can drastically reduce the chronic diseases that are prevalent in our society today. What’s more, is that parks and recreation programs are a tangible reflection of the quality of life in a community. These programs provide spaces for groups, friends, and family to gather and recreate. They provide facilities for children to learn to swim and adults to try a new skill and a place for healthy interaction to occur. We love the opportunity to serve our district residents and guests with high-quality recreation programs and facilities. Whether you’re here for a game of bingo, to enroll your child in preschool, or just want to swim a few laps, we hope you feel welcome in our facilities.

This video was filmed and produced by Morrisey Video Production Portland Oregon. We specialize  in cinematic aerial drone footage and offer a full-service production house.

The Morrisey Productions team really enjoyed producing this video for Sunset Empire. In the production we used a combination of DJI Inspire Drone and a Cannon 1DX Mark 2 Camera. If you’d like a free no-obligation video production estimate request a quote here.

Take a magical tour of the Oregon Coast’s originally beach town, Seaside Oregon. Plus, get an inside look at one of the top boutique hotels Inn at the Prom. The Inn at the Prom in Seaside Oregon is a quaint and classy hotel featuring ocean front rooms just blocks from the beach and downtown Seaside. Many of the rooms are ocean front with private patios and balcony’s just steps from the Seaside prom and Pacific Ocean. We had a blast filming and producing this video for the Inn at the Prom because of the location and they great talent we had the privilege to work with. In video production, whenever we have the change to work with talented actors it helps raise the production value. Over the last few years our speciality has been drone production, but recently we have built a production team that’s competent in all aspects of videography and photography. If your interested in a video tour for your own business or property contact us today!


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Filmed and produced for the Cannon Beach Chamber of Commerce by Morrisey Productions.


Morrisey Productions filmed and produced this video for High Life Adventures Zip Line Adventure in Warrenton Oregon.


InfluenceMine™ is a Blockchain based green mining app using the latest proprietary technology. Influence has partnered with one of the top cloud mining systems to create a green mining system that will change the cryptocurrency space. In this video, CEO Rob Towles explains how the system will work.

If you’ve been watching the news lately, you know that Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies are rising in popularity. Influence seeks to revolutionize the affiliate and blockchain-base mining space with the world’s first green mining solution that opens up cryptocurrency investing to the general public. Morrisey Productions is working with InfluenceMine™ creating a series of videos explaining this process and more importantly how you can get involved.

What is InfluenceMine?

Beach Volleyball Tournament 2017 – Seaside Oregon

Highlight video from Day #1

New videos will be uploaded here throughout the weekend.

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Top Video Cameras for Youtube Videos in 2017 & 2018

Using the perfect video camera is essential in creating great YouTube videos. No matter what topic you discuss, your subscribers and those who discover your videos will need to see and hear your video clearly to continue interest in your channel. Read along to learn about the best video cameras used by the most successful YouTubers of 2017.

•Canon 70D

The Canon 70D is a very popular choice of camera in the video-blogging world. People who record makeup tutorials and cosmetic reviews, for example, find this to be one of the best video cameras on the market because its battery stays charged for an incredible amount of time. This Canon captures videos in high definition of modes up to 1080p. It even has the option to modify color tones, and with ease with the use of a touch screen. If you’re looking to show your viewers even the finest of details and use the most modern methods of filming, the Canon 70D is the best choice for you.

•DJI Osmo

If you want a camera that can swift motions, look no further. The DJI Osmo is known for its steadiness and is perfect for video-bloggers who are constantly on-the-go. The DJI Osmo not only captures quick movement, but does so without losing image quality, shooting videos in up to 4K quality. Use this camera if you plan to record sports, run, or tread through rocky terrain.

•Sony Alpha a7RII

The Sony Alpha a7RII for those interested in customizing the hardware of their camera to adjust to the needs of their work. If you already own professional lenses from other cameras, you can be resourceful by using them with this Sony. Video-bloggers who don’t want to tote around heavy equipment would enjoy this camera, as well, because it is small, lightweight, and easy to carry. Though it may be small, it still produces stunning photographs and YouTube videos. Low-maintenance video-bloggers would find the Sony Alpha a7RII desirable.

•Panasonic LX10

This Panasonic camera has many features that even beginner video-bloggers can appreciate. It is affordable, but it doesn’t come with the issues you find in many other inexpensive cameras. This Panasonic has a quiet auto-focus setting, which is usually not the case for even the most exclusive recording equipment, yet is sensitive to sound, which allows viewers to hear the video well. This camera also produces rich colors and is quick to adjust to unexpected changes to the lighting in videos. You can focus the camera manually while maintain 4K quality. If you’re considering a career or a hobby in video-blogging, the Panasonic LX10 is an excellent place to start.

•GoPro Hero 5

The GoPro Hero 5 is one of the best video cameras for video-bloggers looking to save time without losing quality. While it captures motion with spectacular precision with 4K quality and a 12.0-megapixel camera, it has multiple unique features. This GoPro seamlessly syncs your videos to your smart phone, where the user can view their YouTube videos right in the palm of their hand. This camera even comes with its own video-editing software so video-bloggers can quickly make improvements to their work on their phone before posting their content to their subscribers. If you’re looking to keep your work on your smartphone and focus on several projects at once, the GoPro Hero 5 is a great option for you.

Those are our picks for the top video cameras to shoot YouTube videos in 2017 and going forward into 2018. If you want to see some of our videos then subscribe to us at the Morrisey Productions YouTube Channel or follow us on Instagram at Morrisey Productions.