One Simple SEO Trick To Boost Your Local Website

The world of internet SEO (Search Engine Optimization) used to be simple.  Business owners and web masters could simply stuff the tags of pages, photos, and videos with their niche keywords and like magic their site would rank on the front page of Google.  Then came the social media and web 2.0 era and sites like MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and Pinterest became the main focus of many web marketers.  The theory was to neglect your .com for the greener pastures of social media because that’s where the people were.  The problem with that strategy is social platforms rise and fall in popularity and in the end you run the risk of having a big social account on a platform that nobody logs into anymore.  The reality of the situation is in order to keep up with the constant changes and fads of the internet it has to be your full time focus.  In the past, basic strategies to get traffic to your website worked, but eventually the Google Search Algorithm got smarter.  Recent updates like Google’s Penguin, Panda, and Pigeon have all changed the game putting more relevance strong backlinks, mobile optimization, and local search.  As the days go by the Internet gets more competitive and more saturated with companies trying to carve out their niche on the World Wide Web.  The truth is for most small to medium size business’s you need to hire a competent Search Engine Marketing company to dominate your competition, but if you insist on doing it yourself, follow this simple SEO tip to give yourself an advantage.

Create Your Google Pages Local Listing Profile
The most important thing you can do is harness the power of “local search” to leap frog the competition and rank above them in the Google 3–Pack and 7-Pack.  The great news is most business’s have not properly filled out their Google listing and therefore will not be ranked in the Google Pack. I believe using SEO to rank your websites organically is important because essentially your getting free advertising from search engines.  Studies show that over 90% of search is organic and we know most search is Google so why not give them the information they need to rank your website effectively?

Fill Out Your Google Local Listing Accurately

For example, if you have a plumbing business in Portland and a customer searches for “Plumbers in Portland Oregon” then your business will be qualified to pull up in the Google 3 or 7 Pack.  The screenshot above shows what it looks like when you Google “Portland Oregon Plumbers” and you can see the 7-Pack is displayed.  Remember, this doesn’t mean you will pull up in the Google pack.  It just means your now officially listed and eligible too.  In large cities with with tough competition it will take more work.  In most small cities though you should have no problem appearing in the Google listings for most services.  There are many other tactics you can deploy to dominate the Google Listings like using Citations and Backlinks but I’m not going to go into those tactics here.  If your interested in those services you can Contact Morrisey Video Production for more information.  In conclusion, there is no substitute for a competent search engine optimization company working on your website, but filling out your Google Listing properly at least puts your business on the playing field.

The first step is to create a Gmail account, then create a Google+ account with that Gmail.  Once you have done that your now ready to create a “Google Page” and fill out your companies name, address, phone number, website, hours of operation, and upload a few photos.  The next step is to verify your address with Google.  In about a week you receive verification card in the mail with a number you need to enter into your Google Business Page to prove that the address you listed is indeed your business address.  Once this process is completed your business will now appear on the Google Maps.  Now when your potential customers type in your service type with the geographic location into Google your business should be listed.

Angora Peak Oregon Coast

Oregon based video production and photography company Morrisey Productions recently embarked on a backpacking trip to Angora Peak Summit in the Coast Range Mountains of Oregon.  Our mission was to use our DJI Phantom Drone to capture mountain top footage for the Oregon Adventure Video we are producing that will be released in late summer.  When we film drone videos we also like to take some landscape photography during the sunrise and sunsets.  The first image was captured on the highest rock we could climb on without climbing gear.  Angora Peak is actually multiple peaks that span across a long mountain ridge.  To the left of the photo you can see “Angora Pinnacle” which is about 1/2 mile east of the main summit.  The rock i’m standing on in the photo is not the actual summit, but was one of the best viewpoints.  The true summit of Angora is covered in tree’s which block the view for the most part.  There is also another peak you can see behind me in the picture called “Revenge of Angora” which looked nearly impossible to climb without climbing gear but after reading online I found out there is a route along the west side of the rock.  The next time we climb Angora we are going to attempt to get to the top of “Revenge of Angora” for a photo.  After many trips to various peaks in the Coast Mountain Range we have built up a large collection of Oregon landscape photos and are now ready to start selling prints.  Soon we will have a shopping cart on our website where you can buy our prints online and have them shipped directly to you.  If your interested in our video production, aerial videography, or landscape photography services contact us at our website.

 4th of July Madness in Seaside Oregon 2015

Seaside Oregon hosts the best 4th of July fireworks displays in the Pacific Northwest.  Every year thousands of tourists from around the world travel to the Seaside beach to watch our amazing fireworks show.  The fireworks display is so popular that you must stake out your beach spot early in the day before everything is taken.  We usually watch the show down by 8th avenue to avoid the biggest crows.  The area right around the turnaround is designated fireworks free and it’s illegal to light off your own fireworks.  As you move down the beach in either direction they open the beach up for people who like to light off their own fireworks.  Like usual, the Morrisey Productions crew was on the scene and took these 4th of July parade and fireworks pictures and videos.

I hope you enjoyed the photography and videos of Seaside OR Independence day celebration and fireworks display.  Follow our Seaside Oregon Instagram page to see the best Oregon Coast photos daily.
 Vegatable and Shrimp Stir Fry
Cooking with Keli’s new Pineapple Hawaiian Luau Teriyaki Marinade.  Morrisey Productions produced this cooking video for Keli’s Sauce Co.  I like the fact the Keli’s line of sauces are gluten-free which can be hard to find.  The Pineapple Luau Marinade goes great with stir-fry, rice, noodles, and just about anything else where a thinner sauce is preferred.  Their Hawaiian Island inspired line of sauces has been exploding in Hawaii and is available in most of the big chains including Food Land, Times Supermarket, KTA Stores, Don Quijote and many more.  They were recently picked up by all 21 Safeway Stores on the Hawaiian Islands and should be on the shelf by late August.  Keil’s Sauces are also available on amazon including their best selling gluten free teriyaki sauce Keli’s Hawaiian Baste and Glaze.  They are also getting close to releasing their new healthier Organic line of sauces which should be on the shelves by the end of the summer.
Stir Fry Cooking Recipe
Stir-fry veggies and peeled shrimp in a wok during a “Cooking with Keli’s” video shoot.

 Peeled shrimp being cooked in a wok on medium heat.
Cooking Shrimp in Wok
For more information on Keli’s Hawaiian Sauces or to buy teriyaki sauce visit their website.
 Muscle and Chrome Car Show
The 2015 Muscle and Chrome Car Show was in Seaside Oregon this June.  Classic cars from around the country cruised into the legendary Seaside OR downtown to compete for classic car fame!  The weather was perfect and the streets were packed for this annual event.  The car show had over 100 participants with some of the coolest old cars I have ever seen.  Here are some pictures of my favorite old cars that were at the beach this weekend.  The Morrisey Video Production crew was there filming for the Seaside Downtown Development Association who sponsored the event.

 Classic Car Show Seaside OR
Seaside Oregon Car Show
Morrisey Video Production Company is the premier videographers on the Oregon Coast.  We love to make videos of nature, landscapes, events, and other scenic things throughout the State.  If you need Oregon Video Production Services then contact us for a free no-obligation quote.