Milky Way Galaxy over Haystack Rock Cannon Beach
Haystack Rock in Cannon Beach Oregon is the most photographed place on the Oregon Coast.  This 235 foot sea stack is the 3rd largest intertidal “structure” in the world according to Wikipedia.  Tourists from around the planet converge on Cannon Beach to photograph and observe the unique sea birds, crabs, and star fish that inhabit this area.  The Morrisey Productions has been perfecting our nighttime photography skills and decided to capture the Milky Way Galaxy over the iconic rock.  Shooting photography at night can be tricky and you must use a long exposure technique to allow enough light into the picture.  We also used an iPhone app that gives us the precise location of the Milky Way Galaxy so we could frame the shot correctly.  The next photo was taken the same night but we positioned the Milky Way Galaxy directly over Haystack Rock.


 Haystack Rock Oregon Coast Milky Way Galaxy
This almost gave the illusion that the starts were shooting out of the top of the Rock which I thought was cool.  Nighttime photography can be very challenging but with the help of technology you can capture some pretty amazing photos.  This photo was taken near the summit of Angora Peak and during the month of August. Oregon Coast Milky Way Galaxy Angora Peak
The next photo is a unique angle of Haystack Rock taken with a DJI Phantom drone and Go Pro Hero 4k Camera.  This picture is actually a screen capture of a video we shot here in Cannon Beach and the full version will be released soon with our Oregon Coast Drone adventure video.

Haystack Rock Cannon Beach OR copy

Here is a teaser we filmed displaying the natural beauty of Haystack Rock in Cannon Beach Oregon filmed by a drone.
Morrisey Productions mission is to bring you the best videos, aerial videos, and landscape photography in Oregon.  We live on the Oregon Coast and travel the entire Pacific Northwest trying to capture the most scenic images we can.  If you love beach photos check out our Seaside Oregon Photography video or if you prefer the mountains then watch our Oregon Coast Range drone video.  We are currently backpacking around the Northwest with our Cannon 5D camera and DJI Phantom shooting the most scenic locations we can fine. You can also follow the Morrisey Productions crew on social media at the Seaside Oregon Instagram or the Morrisey Video Production Page.
Epic Ridge in the Oregon Coast Range Mountains
The Morrisey Productions crew backpacked up to an unnamed “Mystery Peak” in the Oregon Coast Range to film some amazing aerial drone footage.  We are producing an Oregon Adventure video that will feature the most scenic sites in Oregon filmed entirely with a DJI Phantom Drone.  Aerial videography gives the viewer a new and unique perspective that has never been seen before on film.  I want to thank our cousin Willy Weaver from Southern Oregon for helping us carry all the gear up the mountain for this video shoot.  The peak you see in the video is called Mystery Peak but we call it Sligs Peak after our good friend Chad Higgins from Cannon Beach pushed us hard to bushwhack through the woods and discover the summit.  I have done a lot of backpacking but this place is still one of my favorite.  The Morrisey Productions crew backpacked into this area about 2 years ago for a photography shoot before we had the DJI Phantom Drone.  From the looks of the place and the “sign” on the trail it doesn’t look like it has had much traffic since.  This clip was filmed with our DJI Phantom Drone which has been fully upgraded for video production.  The camera we were using is a Hero 4 Back with 4k recording capabilities.
As the DJI Drone gets higher in the air you can see the ocean to the west and the Coast Range Mountains to the South and East.
As you can see from the video our camera work with the drone is flawless.  This is a great clip, but we had so many good ones this didn’t make the final cut.  I love how Brit rotates the drone around us as he climbs higher into the air.  The full Oregon Adventure Video filmed 100% with a aerial vehicle will be released in late summer of 2015.  Subscribe to us on social media to see more aerial videos that didn’t make the final cut.  We are also entertaining sponsorship opportunities for company’s and quality outdoor products.  Contact us at the Morrisey Video Production for more information.
Over the years we have captured some amazing landscape photography in Seaside Oregon.  Usually these photos are posted on our website, Instagram, and Facebook.  I decided to edit a short video together showcasing our photography for the YouTube community.  As a long time Seaside resident, I get tired of seeing the same photo of Haystack Rock in Cannon Beach over and over.  The Oregon Coast is a beautiful place and there’s so much more to see.  In this video we decided to focus on our Seaside Oregon Photography.  Our landscape photos have been picked up by Best of Oregon, Visit Portland, and many other big Instagram channels across the State of Oregon.  We decided to include a bonus time-lapse and drone video at the end.  Want to see more of our work?  Visit the Morrisey Productions Portfolio page to see more videos, photography, and drone videogrpahy.  We are currently working on an Oregon adventure video filmed entirely with our DJI Phantom Drone and GoPro Hero 4 Camera that will be released soon.
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Recently we filmed Haystack Rock in Cannon Beach Oregon with a Drone.  Anyone who has lived on the North Coast for any length of time has seen thousands of pictures of Haystack Rock from every possible angle, but aerial footage gives a unique perspective on the iconic Oregon landmark.  The aerial craft we flew was a DJI Phantom Drone that is upgraded for video production.  The video was shot in late May 2015 in Cannon Beach, Oregon.   The camera on our craft was a Hero 4 Black using the 4k video recording setting and a ND filter.

 Our passion is to capture beautiful videos and photography of landscapes across the Northwest.  We travel Oregon and Washington seeking to film the most beautiful natural wonders at the perfect time. Some of my favorite adventures so far include Crater Lake, Saddle Mountain, Angora Peak, The Table Rocks in Southern Oregon,  and Mt Hood.  With the addition of aerial video capabilities it allows videographers to give the world a whole new perspective on nature and people living together.  The video below is just a small portion of our aerial video footage of the Oregon Coast and beyond.  In late summer we will release our full PNW Outdoor Adventure Video that is filmed entirely by drone.
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