Morrisey Productions is a Portland Oregon based Aerial Drone Photography Company. Aerial photography is perfect for a variety of industries including real estate, logging companies, golf courses, building inspections, aerial inspections, cell tower inspections, and more. Our company is FAA Certified, licensed, and insured. Our professional pilots are trained to capture the aerial photos safely and efficiently.

Portland Oregon Aerial Photography


DJI Inspire X5R RAW Drone


Our FAA Certified Aerial Pilots fly DJI Inspire X5R drones. The DJI Inspire is slightly bigger than the DJI Phantom, and provides a high-quality image. In fact, our drones are capable of recording in “Raw” format which gives us more flexibility in post production and a much better final image. In the last 5-years, drone technology has improved dramatically allowing aerial photography companies to save money and resources when capturing images. The FAA has cleared us to fly up to 400 feet in most areas, and even higher if we are above a building, cell phone tower, or other topographical feature. This gives us a unique perspective that helicopters and airplanes are unable to capture.

Tilikum Crossing Bridge in Portland

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