10 Questions To Ask Before You Hire A Wedding Videographer

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Have you ever stumbled across one of those beautiful wedding films or highlight videos that makes you tear up even if you have absolutely no idea who the couple getting married is? Ya, me too- thanks Facebook! Or, maybe you haven’t but you’re getting married and want to evoke the same feeling when remembering the big day. Or, maybe, you’re not even engaged yet but simply preparing for when the time comes. A person can dream, right?! Either way, wedding videography is quickly becoming a popular way to remember your big day by. Advanced technology, a booming photographer and videographer market and more have made wedding films more popular and accessible than ever before. With such a saturated market, how can you ensure you’re picking the best videographer to capture your special day? That you’re actually getting the quality that you pay for? Here we have compiled the top 10 questions you should ask BEFORE you hire a videographer. Planning a wedding is time-consuming and stressful enough – hiring a wedding videographer doesn’t have to be.

Are You Available on My Date?

This may seem a little obvious, but it is one of the most important questions! You’re likely excited to get the planning process rolling, so you may be more keen to jump the gun and get excited about a videographer before knowing if they are available on your wedding date or not. When reaching out we always recommend including your wedding date and venue in your initial contact with them.

How Long Have You Been a Videographer? How Many Weddings Have You Done?

Your wedding video is something you will cherish for the rest of your life. Even if it appears that your videographer does great work on their website, social media, etc. their hands-on experience counts for something. Ensuring that they have proper experience can help lessen any day-of mishaps that may arise. More experience means they have likely had to deal with emergencies before and can be prepared for an emergency on your big day should one arise.

How Would You Describe Your Style? Can I See Past Work Examples?

If a videographer is hesitant to show you past work, they likely have something to hide. Any professional videographer will have an online portfolio (website) in addition to social media where they showcase their day to day work. If your videographer is not wedding specific, this is also good to ensure their style is in line with your wedding video vision. Someone may make amazing cinematic style commercials for the local car dealership, but that might not be what you want your wedding video to be like. Again, this may seem like an obvious question but you can never be too prepared when preparing to start walking down the aisle.

Have You Worked With My Photographer? Can You Meet Them Ahead Of Time?

Your videographer and photographer will have to work very closely on the day of your wedding. Not only are they both trying to capture the perfect shot, but they need to be aware of what the other professional expects to deliver your desired video/photos. If they’ve worked with your photographer before, great! If not, that’s fine too. Either way, they will likely need to meet before the big day to talk about format and other needs.

How Does Your Pricing Work? Do You Charge For Additional Locations?

Videographers will generally offer a variety of packages and deals. Do you want one full-length video? A trailer, and a full-length video? Do you need some same-day editing? Will you need additional videographers? Will they provide highlight videos? Whatever route you take, it is important to have everything in writing and ensure that both parties are on the same page. Videography is no cheap feat but is well worth the price. Make sure you are getting everything you want out of your final video! You will only have one chance to get it.

How Do You Operate on The Day Of? What Input Do You Accept?

You will likely discuss your day-of timeline well before the videographer arrives on-site to film. You or your wedding planner should plan on having a timeline available prior to, and on the day of your wedding to ensure everyone is on the same page and that there is no miscommunication. You also need to consider the fact that videographers look at each piece of work as an artistic endeavor. It is your wedding day, but they are filming professionals. Do you want to focus on your wedding decor, wedding accessories, or wedding ring at all? While it can help to choose a videographer you trust completely, it doesn’t hurt to discuss song choice, vision, etc. prior to the big day. Discuss everything in detail prior to signing the dotted line – you only have one shot at your wedding video, cover all of your bases!

Will You Be Shooting Any Other Videos The Same Weekend As My Wedding? Are They in The Same Are?

Depending on the size of the company you are hiring to video your wedding, you may have a different videographer than the person you originally booked with. Ideally, you will have access to your videographer the entire day of your wedding. If you are booking with a small video production company, ensuring they will be in close proximity the weekend of your wedding can help prevent any traveling mishaps they could encounter. You really never know what could go wrong, so we suggest covering all of your bases to ensure the least amount of stress on the big day.

How Many Cameras and People Will Be Operating?

It can be nearly impossible to catch every special moment with just one videographer and one camera rolling. While most videographers will have a second person on location, this is important to confirm ahead of time to ensure you will be getting a product you are happy with. If they won’t have a second videographer on-site, it is not uncommon for there to be multiple stationary cameras located throughout your reception venue.

What Parts of The Day Do You Typically Capture?

While this will vary depending on who you book with, and the type of video package you choose, it can be good to ensure you and your videographer are on the same page. Will they be videoing the bride and her bridal party getting ready? Will they film the groom and his groomsmen? Or, will filming start when you walk down the aisle. Preferences will vary from person to person, so make sure you are communicating directly, and clearly with your videographer when they capture your special day.

How Long Does It Typically Take To Edit and Deliver Videos? How is The Final Copy Delivered?

Again, this depends a lot on the videographer and the package you paid for. What kind of delivery did you pay for? Online download, a physical CD copy, hard drives? Do they provide any raw footage? Did you pay for expedited delivery? How long does that typically take? What happens in the event they don’t deliver your footage within the discussed timeline? Are you able to get a partial refund? Again, all things that should be communicated clearly well before the big day. A good edit can take some time so do your research to ensure you are not expecting too much, or too little from your videographer.

Wedding Clients

Every person, videographer, and wedding is different. When you set out to find your wedding videographer, be prepared! There will be tons of options and it can be overwhelming. If you go in prepared with questions, and a clear vision of what you want/expect you should be able to find, and hire the perfect wedding videographer for you.



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