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When your business opens itself to video marketing, you can create videos to bring more traffic to your social media pages. This way, you can gain more followers and share important business information with them. If you’re looking for ways to promote your business through videos, then check out these five ideas.
Introduce new products

Introduce Your Business

Keep in mind that your social media pages will continue to draw new people as they find out about it or come across it in searches. Because of this, you should create an introduction video about your business so people can see what you offer. This way, you have a strong way to introduce yourself to potential customers.
Your should make the introduction video of the highest quality possible. This will help people to associate hard work and excellent quality with your business, increasing the odds of them becoming customers. On top of that, you can show these people exactly what you want them to know when they first come across your business.
Make sure that your introduction video is in an easy-to-access place on your social media pages. Some sites will allow you to pin your posts, meaning that people will see them before anything else. In essence, use your introduction video to share what you want about your business and make it one of the first things that people will see on your page.
Share Products

Share New Products

On top of this, if your business develops a new product, you can use social media as the perfect place to share the ad. Remember that people follow your social media pages for news about your business, so make sure that you provide information that they care about. This includes new products that apply to your customers.
If you create an ad or explain your new product in a video, then you will want to share it on social media. This way, people will come across it in their feed and this will encourage them to watch the video. This way, they can see the new products that you want to provide to them so they can decide if they want to buy those products.
Remember that these videos will stay on your page, so people can come across them if they want to look at all of your videos. This way, you have a permanent way of advertising your new products to people as they look through your videos. Make sure to create videos about these new products and leave them on your social media pages.

Answer Questions

Remember that you will face reoccurring or common questions when you have an online presence, so if you want to address those questions, you can do so through video. This way, whenever someone asks your customer service representatives those questions, they can link the corresponding video to provide quick and effective answers.
People appreciate it when you go through the extra effort to answer their questions as effectively as possible. Due to this, you can use your videos as a way to answer questions and show statistics to back up your answers. This will show people that you provide good answers and solid information alongside it, making your business trustworthy

Show the Human Side

Remember that people like to relate with businesses and see the human side of the process. Because of this, you should either show personal stories related to your business through your videos. This way, people can build an emotional connection with your business.
Many times, people forget about the human side of a business because they become focused on the entity and the products. By reminding people about those behind the business, you can build a relationship with your customers. This way, they will want to continue supporting your business so they can support those people.
You can show this human side by having workers, customers and leaders appear in the videos. Have them talk directly to the camera and share their stories so that the viewer feels like the speaker is talking directly to him or her. This will allow you to build up those relationships with your viewers.

Inform People About Events

While most people associate videos with new products or stories, you can also use them to tell people about events. Many businesses will hold events as a way to spread brand awareness, make money or even give back to the community. Because of this, your business can share these events with people through videos.
In the video, you can give people all of the information that they need, such as the day of the event, what it will include and how they can contact your business about it. This way, you can quickly inform people about the event and encourage them to join it.
Remember that you can use videos as an eye-catching way to quickly inform people about your business. Since events are time sensitive, you need to draw as much attention to them as possible, so make sure to create a video advertising your events. This will help you to spread the message about the event to others and increase the attendance.


Video marketing gives you the perfect opportunity to quickly share information with your customers in an easy-to-understand way. Each of these video ideas will allow you to advertise and share your business with your customers. If you’re beginning to use video marketing on social media, then try out some of these ideas to draw attention.

Author: Seth Morrisey



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