7 Ways To Get More Wedding Videography Clients

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If you are pursuing a career in video production, chances are you know it is no easy feat. Sure, you can be skilled with your camera, post some good or even great pictures and videos, have the most aesthetic feed and engage with your followers regularly. But, how do you secure wedding video clients and book more wedding when there are tons of other people out there trying to do the same thing? If you were to conduct a quick Google search on wedding videographers near you, you would be served dozens of listings for people and companies offering the same services as you. If you had to choose just one of those people to create your wedding video, how would you know how to choose? As someone trying to break into the wedding video production industry, or someone simply trying to book more wedding, how do you ensure you stand out enough so that someone chooses to hire you over the other guy? After over a decade in the industry, we have put together seven things you can do to secure more wedding videography clients for your own business.


7 Tips To Secure More Wedding Clients

Consider Partnering With Local Venues
Have you shot at a wedding venue multiple times? Consider talking to them about partnering up. Some wedding venue keep a list of “Preferred Vendors” – try to get yourself on that list! While most venues won’t require potential client to use these “preferred vendors” they will give engaged couples a deal if they work specifically with people on the list. If you don’t have much experience at any venues in your area, it doesn’t hurt to reach out in person or via email and show the grounds manager your work. You never know where an opportunity will present itself!
Keep Your Website Clean, Concise, and Up To Date
This should go without saying but a messy, unresponsive website is a huge turnoff. If a bride is on the hunt for the perfect wedding videographer and she comes across a website that does not work, doesn’t look good, or is hard to navigate, they will likely opt-out and move on to your competition. The client experience starts on your website. Make your contact info clear and available at multiple points on your homepage. Consider having a FAQ page to answer any general questions right off the bat and ultimately speed up the booking process. And, as always, display your past work in a way that is reflective of your current abilities. Don’t showcase videos or photos that are years old and not in line with your current style. You always want to put your best foot forward, the same should apply to your website. Remember – word of mouth referrals are king! Showcasing past client testimonials clearly on your site will help potential client recognize that you have the skills needed to capture their wedding day.
Network With Other People In The Industry
Network, network, network. This may seem counterintuitive to do within your own industry, kind of “sleeping with the enemy”-esque, but trust us – networking can present huge opportunities. If you have met, and meshed with other local videographers they may be more likely to refer clients to you when they are not available. The same goes for wedding photographers. Couples are more likely to book their photographer ASAP as photos are traditionally a huge part of the celebration. And because wedding videography is a newer trend, they will probably seek you out after. If you’ve made connections with local photographers they may be able to refer their clients to you for their wedding videography needs.
Remember, Quick Communication Always Wins
When planning a wedding, engaged couples are wasting no time finalizing the details. If you are slow to respond, chances are your competition has already been in contact with them and put themselves at the forefront of the client’s mind. Try to have a system in place to reply to inquiries almost as soon as you receive them. Work quickly to answer any questions that will lead to booking faster and you are more likely to secure clients over your competition.
Run an Off-Season Special
“Wedding Season” is typically during the summer and early fall months. But, that’s not to say some people don’t opt for Winter or Spring weddings. While it may sound counterintuitive to offer specials when work is slow, it is a good way to get some content flowing and stay in the forefront of Summer wedding clients’ mind. Remember – clients getting married during “Wedding Season” are booking in the off-season. Have some new, fresh work to showcase when they seek your services!

Past Client Testimonials DO Matter

Client testimonials are a huge factor when clients are choosing their wedding videographer. A person’s wedding is one of the biggest days of their life, and they want to ensure it is captured in a way that showcases the true essence of their big day. Word of mouth, and past client testimonials can be a huge factor when couples are deciding who to hire to film their wedding. You can talk yourself up all day long, but good reviews from those who have actually worked with you will always triumph.
Make It Seem Easy – Even When Its Not
Planning a wedding is one of the most stressful times in a person’s life. They are (usually) one of the most expensive events a person will hold, emotions are running high, and the meshing of two families can be a lot for some people. Do your best to convince your clients that you will be providing a completely stress-free experience. Have a system in place that gets you all of the info you need months in advance so your clients can feel confident that there will be no last minute mishaps.

Wedding Videography Clients

While there is no sure-fire way to get more clients, there are tons of ways you can increase your chances of being booked over your competition. Take a look at your online presence, your portfolio. Try to see yourself through the client’s eyes. What would you want to see? What kind of experience would you like? Putting yourself in the clients shoes and seeking advice, and education whenever possible are just a couple ways you can stay on track to becoming a successful wedding videographer.


Author: Seth Morrisey



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