Video Marketing Strategies & Tactics

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Are you wondering how to use video marketing to increase leads and sales? Getting good at using video strategies across your marketing channels is one of the most effective ways to attract a larger audience to your brand.
Video helps to deliver information in a simplified manner that helps your prospects understand why you’re the best option for their needs. Including intriguing calls-to-action inside highquality video content is effective for producing sales.
Let’s discuss the various video production and marketing strategies to use for a more productive sales funnel.
Build a youtube channel

Build Out Your YouTube Channel

YouTube ranks behind only Google as the world’s second largest search engine. Capitalizing on YouTube’s search capabilities makes sense all by itself. It becomes even more compelling when you factor in the fact that embedded YouTube videos improve your website’s SEO results.

There are many types of videos to create and post on your YouTube channel:

Learn high-quality video production skills so that your audience remains engaged with your content longer. Create a content calendar that helps you post videos on a regular basis. Share those videos across all of your other social media channels and post them on your website.
Video sponsor advertisement

Use Social Media Sponsored Video Ads

It’s important to create an engaging presence on your social media platforms in order to raise brand awareness and increase revenue. The challenge is that the competition is high across almost every niche imaginable. Your company is competing with competitors and also all the other distracting elements vying for your audience’s social media attention.
Building out a paid ads campaign is one of the best ways to stand out inside today’s crowded advertising space. You’ll discover that using videos in those ads will boost engagement more than any other paid advertising technique.
Use short, punchy videos for your paid ads. The goal is to grab attention, get the lead and then educate your prospect on the backend about why they need to do business with your company.
Engage your followers

Keep Your Fans & Followers Engaged With Video Marketing

Always keep in mind that social media isn’t only about gaining new followers, prospects and customers. You should invest time engaging the social media followers that you already have.
It’s easy to fall into a trap of using text or images only when posting organically on social media. Don’t forget to post videos aimed at personalizing your brand into the minds and hearts of people who already follow along.
Another way to get a leg up on your competition is to strategically find followers who are worth creating personalized videos for. Your social media manager should invest time each week finding followers who have a sizable audience themselves.
Next, create a personalized video for each particular influencer and send it over via chat or direct message. This extra personal touch makes that person feel special and can turn into lucrative partnerships for both sides.
Use a strategic call-to-action at the end of the video and encourage them to take the next step with you.

Leverage User-Generated Content

We all know how important testimonials are for gaining new leads. However, the best testimonial is one where a customer actually shows themselves using your product.
Hold a contest on social media. Include a call-to-action where customers send in videos showing themselves using your product. The winning video can be shared across all your social media platforms and on your website’s homepage.
Prospects feel more confident becoming customers after seeing user-generated videos. This type of video content turns customers into brand ambassadors. Another advantage gained via this video marketing strategy is that it makes your company more human in the minds of both prospects and customers.
A variation on this method is to ask customers to film themselves unboxing your products. These videos show the real-time excitement of taking your product out of the box and using it for the first time. They create a “me too” effect where prospects feel influenced to buy and experience the same emotions.
Instagram Stories

Use Snapchat Stories & Instagram Stories

Stories are popular on both Instagram and Snapchat. Use these short video experiences to drive extra engagement. If your audience size is large enough, then you can link straight to your site. It makes Stories powerful for driving revenue during a flash sale promotion.

Share Video Via Email Marketing

Don’t forget to use videos throughout your email marketing campaigns. Feature an employee interview inside the first or second email of your onboarding sequence. Then, use demos and instructional videos later in the series. Finally, insert webinars and/or tutorials that use calls-toaction over to the sales page.
As you send broadcast emails each month, brainstorm ways to use webinars, interviews, how-to videos, behind-the-scenes content and company event videos to continue driving subscribers from email back to your sales pages.

Improve SEO Results

Embed videos on your blog to improve SEO campaigns. Visitors stay on your site longer while watching video content. They visit more pages looking for extra content after engaging with video. The end result is an improvement in search rankings.
As you can see, using video inside your marketing campaigns is highly effective when it comes to improving engagement, attracting leads and closing sales.

Author: Seth Morrisey



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