Photography of Ecola State Park | Cannon Beach Oregon

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This photo was taken at Ecola State Park otherwise known as “Indian Beach” near Cannon Beach Oregon.  This is one of my favorite beaches on the North Oregon Coast.  The lands for Ecola were purchased between 1932 to 1978 from the Federal Government and private land owners.  The park charges a fee to enter and has a Cannon Beach viewpoint and a drive in beach access.  Within Ecola State Park you can find old growth Sitka Spruce, Western Hemlock, Seagulls, Elk, Deer, and tons of other wildlife.  During the summer months Indian Beach serves as a popular surfing destination for those willing to brave the cold Pacific Ocean waters.  The Oregon Beach Bill was passed in 1967 session of the Oregon Legislature which basically made all 363 miles of beaches public land.  The Morrisey Productions crew also filmed this aerial drone video of Ecola State Park.
As you can see from this aerial footage the Oregon Coast is one of the most scenic places on earth.
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Author: Seth Morrisey



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