Landscape Photography in Seaside Oregon

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Seaside Oregon is a small beach town about 70 miles from Portland Oregon. Considered the original Oregon Coast resort destination by many, Seaside continues to be one of the most popular travel destinations in Oregon. During the summer months tourists from around the Pacific Northwest head to the coast and pack the beaches. As longtime Seaside residents, we have had the opportunity to take hundreds of amazing Seaside photos. In this blog I wanted to share a few of our favorite landscape photos that we have taken over the years.

This incredible photo was taken by Brit Morrisey with a Canon DSLR. During the winter months the tourists go home and nature takes the beaches back. The Oregon Coast is known for its high-winds and heavy rain during the fall, winter, and early spring. As you can see from this photo the wind has created a unique wave texture in the sand that is undisturbed by foot prints.


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Author: Seth Morrisey



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