How To Get Video Production Clients

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How To Get Video Production Clients 

Are you a photographer, video production company owner looking to grow your business and secure more clients? We know that one of the most challenging aspects of running any business is the constant need for more clients and more sales. In this blog we discuss how you can begin securing more clients for your video production company and skyrocket your business to new heights. 

After over a decade in the business, the number one biggest problem I see is that creators rely to heavily on the quality of their work and its ability to attract clients. Although good production is key to a successful video production business, it is not an effective marketing strategy. Sure, your stuff might look great, but so does a lot of other peoples. And, in the digital age, how are you standing out amongst the crowd? Why should your ideal client choose you over your competition? There is simply too much competition on the internet to expect clients to seek you and your services out. Simply put, the best way to find clients for your company is to be actively seeking potential customers. If you’re ready to step up your marketing strategy and grow your video production company we have compiled some of our best tips below. 

Cold Outreach 

There are multiple kinds of cold outreach. Cold outreach, simply put, is reaching out to/contacting someone you have had no prior contact with. Now, this can seem scary because you don’t want to potentially be off-putting or embarrass yourself along the way. But, it is an undeniably effective method. Some examples of cold outreach are:

  • Cold Calling 
  • Emailing
  • Direct Mail 
  • Direct Message on Social Media 

Cold calling is one of the oldest forms of marketing. Despite its age, this form of outreach is still highly effective when combined with modern technology. Instead of making phone calls, you can reach out to potential clients via email or direct message. It is helpful to have a script pre-written to help speed up the process. You should make an effort to use this cold outreach method at least a few times per day. This will greatly improve your chances of finding work.

Bring Value Without Being “Asked” For It

Earlier we talked about how saturated the digital landscape is. A quick scroll through the discover feed on Instagram will likely  serve you up dozens of beautiful photos and videos from a creator just like you. One of the best ways to attract new clients is to offer free value upfront. When people search online for solutions to their problem, the company answering those questions will immediately gain their trust and recognition. Often times people aren’t even actively seeking an answer to their “problems,” but still resonate with someone willing to offer up free value. Think about it, why do you follow the influencers you do on social media? And I’m not talking your friends and family. I’m talking about the people you have never met yet follow their life through your phone. What do they offer you? What keeps you coming back? You should be actively creating helpful content online in the form of videos, blog posts, etc. Build up your credibility so that when someone does seek help on “What To Ask Before Hiring A Wedding Videographer” they are more likely to click on your blog post than the other guys. 

Content Marketing 

Similar to what we talked about above, content marketing is the act of creating and sharing online materials that do not necessarily promote your business, but help build interest in your services. Content marketing can be done in a variety of ways including blogging, vlogging, making videos, email marketing, etc. You really can take content marketing whatever route you want. Make tip sheets to distribute when email marketing, or make a blog on how new videographers can become more comfortable with editing. Do some keyword research, what terms are being searched that you can make a video or blog post about? Have you seen any trends you have some insight on that you can share? It can sound draining to be offering up all this content with no direct return, but trust us – it works. 

Use Your Personal and Business Network

Networking is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of marketing in any industry. The same is true for video production. You can find a lot of work through a network of other freelancers. The photographer you encountered at an event may be able to refer video clients to you. And, in exchange, you could keep an eye out for clients who need some photography skills. Consider teaming up with other freelancers who specialize in different areas. Your combined skills can be offered an entire package. Aside from networking with other people in your industry, network with people who may need your services. Attend chamber events, make friends with people on the marketing side of companies. Anyone that pushes out content that isn’t produced in-house could always be in need of your services. Making those connections can get you a foot in when they look to subcontract a videographer for their next video. 

Frequent Certain Spaces

Active marketing requires that you seek out potential clients. You’ll find that your target audience tends to spend time in the same online spaces. Because they are in the same niche, they have the same problems, questions, interests, and solutions. Frequenting these client spaces can help expose your company while also establishing you as an expert in the field. These spaces can also keep you up-to-date on the latest trends and need within the niche. If everyone is discussing a new problem, you can be the first to offer a unique solution. There are endless benefits to frequenting these client spaces. They can come in the form of niche blogs, forums, social media platforms, and more. The same goes for people within your industry. There is always more to learn, and hanging out in photography/videography specific spaces can not only help you build connections, but expose you to other styles of work, trends, and more. 

Actively Seek Work 

Finding potential clients doesn’t always have to be a game of hide-and-seek. Although the internet is crowded with thousands of competitors doing the same work as you, finding work can be quite simple. There are always people, and companies actively searching for your type of services. Instead of assuming they will find you and your content, you should take time to search for their inquiry. There are countless job boards online, and on social media where people or businesses are requesting video work. Sites like UpWork, Freelancer, and ServiceSpace are great places to find clients who are in need of video production. Does your local area have a marketplace on Facebook? Check there to see if anyone on the local level is seeking work. Have a portfolio ready to send out when you come across these listings – they may get booked fast. 

Paid Ads Can Work 

Actively searching for jobs is an undeniable way to find work. But, some people just dont have the time to dedicate to this process. Fortunately, there are paid advertising options that can generate a nice return on your investment. Paid ads can be spendy, and in some cases we advise against them, but the trick to paid ads  is knowing where to advertise and how to generate a compelling campaign. Social media platforms are great places to start advertising because of the targeting measures that can be used. For example, companies that specialize in wedding videos can target their ads to engaged couples. When you set out to start a paid ad campaign, make sure you are targeting your ideal customer. We always say – advertising to everyone, is actually advertising to no one. If you are a wedding videographer consider changing your reach parameters to target engaged couples. Be specific with who and where you are targeting and you will see results. 

Build A Strong Online Presence  

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again – the photographer and videographer market is so saturated it may seem like you’re one in a million. This is why we say you need to dial in your online presence. This means you need to have an outstanding website, up-to-date listings, social accounts that are representative of your professional self. Potential clients will always want to see your previous work in order to get an idea of your capabilities. If you don’t have any prior work examples, make some of your own content and have any good reviews, or customer testimonials available and in plain sight on your website. You don’t need to showcase every single job you’ve ever done, just some of your best work. Post freely on Facebook, and Instagram but keep your website sleek, and to the point. They need video work, and you’ve got the skills to deliver. Include call-to-actions wherever applicable to close that sales process as soon as possible. 


As you know by now, finding new jobs for your video production company isn’t impossible. However, it does take a lot of hard work, dedication, and consistency. The most important part of marketing and building a successful company is to be active. Actively seek clients, and actively work towards bringing the most value to your clients. Utilize these tips and you will be well on your way to a successful career.


Author: Seth Morrisey



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