Our Favorite Locations

There are many beautiful places to photograph in the state of Oregon, and Portland is one of our favorite areas. Whether you’re taking selfies or want to shoot a video, you should consider checking out these 12 awesome locations in and around Portland, Oregon.

Vera Kantz East Bank Promenade 

The best time to photograph at the Vera Kantz East Bank Promenade is at night. Start your photography on the upper promenade just as total blackness is falling. Then, move on to the many bridges that surround this promenade. If you can choose a night when there is very little wind as the reflections in the Willamette River will be more pronounced. 

The Hoyt Arboretum 

There are over 12 miles of hiking trails at the Hoyt Arboretum. One of our favorite locations near Portland, this 190-acre park is a photographer’s paradise because it contains over 2,500 species of trees collected from six continents. Hike along the 12 miles of trails, and you will find a multitude of image-capturing opportunities. This is especially true in the fall when the maples put on their fall colors, but you can find opportunities throughout the year. Consider going to this ridge-top location early in the morning for great wildlife shots. 

Portland Audubon Society Wildlife Sanctuary 

The Portland Audubon Society Wildlife Sanctuary offers an excellent place to capture photos as an old-growth forest fills it with many types of wildlife. The sanctuary also has many cages filled with rehabilitating birds that you will want to photograph. While it can be cold, you can capture beautiful winter photos here because very few people have trudged ahead of you. 

Portland Art Museum 

Except in a very few select areas, the Portland Art Museum, which is open every day but Mondays, is a fabulous place to take low-light creative images. The best time to go, however, is on the third Wednesday of each month when the museum hosts their Photography Council Brown Bag Series from 12 to 1. When you attend one of these meetings, you will learn more about photography while having a terrific place to practice. 

Oregon Zoo 

The Oregon Zoo is the oldest zoo west of the Mississippi River, and you will love to capture some of the details of the historical buildings along with the animals at this location. The narrow-gauge railroad is also a fun thing to photograph, and you can also capture many outstanding people photographs. Special events, like Brewlights at Halloween and Zoolights during the winter holidays, make this a place you will want to return to with your camera many times. Consider going in the morning during the summer and later in the day during the winter when the animals will be most active. 

St John’s Bridge and Cathedral Park 

The unique lines of the bridge make St. John’s Bridge and Cathedral Park a great place to capture images and videos. The best time to photograph here is early in the morning as the mist leads to exciting photos, and the morning light dances through the trees. You may want to come back later in the day to capture amazing dog photos as they play in the off-leash area. 

Pioneer Courthouse Square 

One of our favorite locations in downtwon Portland, there are many great places to take photos at Pioneer Courthouse Square, and you can usually find something interesting to photograph there with minimal difficulty almost all year long and at any time of day. One favorite is to shoot during the Festival of Flowers when over 20,000 flowers decorate various locations around this square that is affectionately called Portland’s living room. Another favorite time to photograph is in the morning when the Farmer’s Market is opening from June through October. 

Multnomah Falls 

This 620-foot tall waterfall gives you many great photogenic opportunities, especially if you take the short hike to the top. The crowds can get thick during the middle of the day, especially on the weekends, so consider going early on a weekday if possible. Continue hiking on the Wahkeena Falls trail for even more opportunities you will not want to miss. Spring and fall are both excellent times to visit this location. 

Tom McCall Waterfront Park 

Regardless of the type of photography you enjoy, the Tom McCall Waterfront Park has much to offer. You can capture fantastic river images here, especially during the Portland Dragon Boat Festival in September. The colorful water fountain lets you play with water images. The memorial garden can be a great place to capture emotional photographs. 

Portland Saturday Market 

The Portland Saturday Market is the largest continuously operating arts-and-crafts fair in the nation, and it is a delightful place to take photos because you are never sure what you will see there. This weekend market that is open from March through Christmas Eve, and it is open the entire week before Christmas. From July to October, you will want to take your camera and capture the activities in the kid’s area along with other street performers. 

Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden 

This 9.49-acre park near Portland is a great place to capture bird pictures as it is home to many bald eagles, great blue herons, wood ducks, geese, and ducks. Late September and early October is a great time to go to this park as the trees put on their annual show. The real highlight, however, comes in mid-April through mid-May when over 2,500 rhododendrons, azaleas, and other plants bloom. The park is open from dawn to dusk, so take advantage of the golden hour to capture outstanding shots. 

The National Sanctuary of Our Sorrowful Mother 

Popularly known as The Grotto, this 62-acre facility is also a beautiful botanical garden. You may want to start your visit on the lower level, where you will find a cave with a reproduction of Michaelangelo’s Pieta. Head to the facility’s north wall for amazing views of the Cascade Mountain Range before hiking on the trail to capture the 14 Stations of the Cross. Then, pay the small fee to ride the elevator to the upper level to capture many flower images. There are two times of the year when you will want to be sure this stop is on your itinerary. The first is during spring when the flowers are in bloom. Then, come back in December for the Festival of Lights. 

With so many great opportunities, you will want to take your camera with you everywhere you go in Portland.

Where are you favorite locations to shoot or film in Portland or across Oregon? Let us know in the comments!

Use Video To Promote Your Small Business

22 Awesome Ways To Use Video To Promote Your Small Business

One of the best ways to promote your small business is to use video, but small business owners may not necessarily know how to use video. To give you some ideas, here are 22 different ways videos can be used to promote your small business.

22. Utilize Youtube

YouTube is a great platform for content creators. If you plan on publishing video content regularly, you should try to upload it onto YouTube and build an audience there to help grow your brand presence. Videos uploaded to Youtube (any any platform for that matter) should be your best quality videos as it is often peoples first impression of your brand. If you dont want to post your full length content, consider posting teaser videos, a video ad you have created, etc.

21. Build an Audience via A Contest

Another great way to use video is to promote a contest. Contests can be a great way to bring in traffic, leads, and increase your engagement resulting in and increase of social media followers. Consider making an “explainer video” describing your contest and how to enter it – its a good opportunity to put out some more video content!

20. Use Video In Your Outreach

Trying to strike a business deal? Instead of just using email, why not add a personalized video presentation with your proposal? It will stand out among all the other requests that are sent.

19. Collaborate with Other Content Creators

A great way to expand your audience is to collaborate with other content creators. You will be able to push out the same video content to each other’s audiences and networks for more exposure.

18. Enhance Your Email Marketing

Did you know that people tend to be more responsive to word video in emails? And did you know that you can actually embed videos in your emails? If you want to enhance your email marketing campaigns, videos are worth experimenting with.

17. Film a Series

Rather than regular content, why not film a regular series? It can be something as simple as a monthly interview with the experts, a weekend industry roundup, or Friday news recap. The types of content you create will depend on your industry, just make sure you’re not wasting time and creating things that arent relevant to your customers!

16. Create Unique Social Media Content

There are many new forms of videos. This includes boomerangs which are short looping clips,  and social media “stories” which can be made up of a variety of multimedia content. These content formats are popular on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. The content and the type of videos for small businesses that work best vary from industry to industry.

15. Offer Instructions

Using videos to instruct users is a great way to get them to take action. You can offer instructions on how to reach customer support, add to their order, use the checkout page, take part in a promotional deal, use on of your products, and more! Consider scheduling an annual Facebook live video based on content that is relevant to your customer base.

14. Create Video Tours

Companies in industries like construction and real estate are using features like virtual video tours to attract potential clients and drive more traffic to your website. This is an effective interactive and promotional marketing strategy. It can be a great way to promote whatever you’re selling in the right industry. Consider adding a video on your landing page if you are in an industry where a virtual tour would make sense – a well functioning, good looking website helps increase conversion rates!

13. Videos are Great for Training and Onboarding

Whether you’re training and onboarding new users to your platform, employees, or new affiliates for your business, videos will prove to be an indispensable tool. Videos are often more effective at teaching people than written content and images.

12. Use Video Testimonials

Social proof is one of the best ways to add selling power to your products and services. Rather than use text-based testimonials or photos, try to encourage people who use your products or services to provide video reviews. You’ll see a big difference in believability and most importantly, your sales numbers.

11. Offer Step-by-Step Tutorials

Complex products or products with many features will benefit from step-by-step video tutorials. These tutorials not only show off the capabilities of your products, but they also help users get an idea of how they can use it themselves. Companies that have complex products will benefit from this as written content and images arent always the best way to relay information.

10. Use Video Teasers to Launch Products and Services

If you’re launching a new product or service to the marketplace, a great way to stir people up is to use anticipation via a video marketing campaign. Short video teasers or a short video series are a great way to capture people’s curiosity and interest.

9. Use Videos to Support Your Sales Message

Who says you have to solely rely on written content or video for your sales message? You can use both in your sales message to support each other. Many websites use this combination because it allows users to better understand the message ultimately driving traffic and increasing conversion rates.

8. Tell Your Brand Story

Telling who you are as a brand is a great way to establish your business identity and connect with your audience. A great way to do this is to use video because it is a great way to tell your story, invoke emotions, and help your audience visualize your core message. Consider creating a short video series, or place a video on your landing page describing your brand, how it came to be, and its purpose.

7. Run Webinars

Webinars are one of the best ways to sell your products and services. It’s different from sales videos because they are usually packed with a lot of content. They also leave room for interaction through small Q&A sessions during the webinars.

6. Live Stream Events

If you’re hosting some kind of event, a great way to promote your small business is to do a live stream. This is simply a video where you broadcast to people in real-time. You can even interact with viewers in real-time.

5. Use Videos as a Sales Tool

Video can be an effective way to sell your products and services. Many companies have used long-form video sales presentations rather than sales letters to sell. Many have reported that sales videos often outperformed long sales letters.

4. Create Entertaining Videos

It’s nice to give people a small break from the seriousness. Entertaining videos are a great way to keep your audience engaged without any serious content or sales intent. You’ll find your audience will like, trust, and relate to you more with these kinds of videos.

3. Create Educational Videos

An easy way to use videos is to offer value to your target audience through educational videos. Do a little research in the search engines to find out what people are curious about, what problems they have, and what their interests are. Then create an educational video on these topics.

2. Show How Your Product Works

If you are selling a physical product, don’t simply rely on photos to do the job. Film a video that shows how your product works. This makes it easier for the consumer to understand the value of your product.

1.  Distribute To Most Major Channels

While you may not actively use major social media platforms regularly, we still reccomend keeping profiles up to date in the case that your profile is a potential customers first interaction with your business. There are many channels that can help give your videos more exposure. The list includes YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more.

Oregon Wedding Venues

Top 29 BEST Wedding Venues In Oregon

When the sun comes out in the Pacific Northwest, you know it’s wedding season. Oregon wedding venues are amongst some of the most beautiful in the world – both indoors and outdoors. Whether you want to get married along the Columbia River, in a historic venue, or in our famous wine country, brides and grooms are sure to find what they’re looking for.

If you’re still looking for the perfect backdrop for your nuptials, hopefully, you’ll find among the following top 29 best wedding locations in Oregon.

Our Favorite Wedding Venues in Oregon

29. Canby Pioneer Chapel

Canby is just a few miles outside of Portland and home to the Canby Pioneer Chapel. As a wedding venue, it offers space for 120 guests, a reception tent, tables and chairs, and a food prep area.

28. Stonehedge Gardens and Bistro

For weddings, Stonehedge transforms its brick patio into a peaceful oasis. Ceremonies take place just steps away in a grassy meadow surrounded by heart-shaped shrubbery.

27. The Amphitheater at Cathedral Park

This park gets its name from the Gothic revival-style arches supporting St. John’s Bridge. The park’s amphitheater is located at the base of the bridge, offering a perfect view of the cement arches stretching 400 feet overhead.

26. The Foundry at Lake Oswego

The Foundry’s promenade, riverside deck, and garden patio are popular sites for outdoor ceremonies, cocktail hours, and receptions. Those who would prefer an indoor space can choose the spacious great hall, featuring oversized windows so guests can still have a view of the lake.

25. Hoyt Arboretum at Washington Park

Hoyt Arboretum is home to over 6,000 trees, a magnolia collection, and a bamboo grove. Weddings here take place in either the A-frame Stevens Pavillion, the Redwood Deck, or the Wedding Meadow. Renting one of these facilities is very inexpensive (under $300 in most cases).

24. The Leftbank Annex

Leftbank Annex is an urban event space for any wedding that has a contemporary or industrial motif. This facility offers multiple rooms of varying sizes on two floors.

23. Domaine de Broglie Winery

This winery is situated on a hill overlooking the coveted Willamette Valley (Oregons Wine Country.) Weddings are on its front lawn outside of the farmhouse-style tasting room.

22. Clackamas River Farm

This 1800s Victorian mansion comes with 45 acres of pastureland. Booking your wedding here includes ceremony space in the pasture, a barn reception area, and use of the mansion’s ground floor for the wedding party.

21. The Castaway

This former warehouse in Portland’s Pearl District is now the premier venue for contemporary weddings. The poured cement floors and exposed ceiling beams are ideal for minimalist or industrial themes.

20. Kimpton Hotel Vintage Portland

This wine-inspired hotel features an on-site Italian restaurant, wine cellar with an adjoining lounge, and graffiti-inspired cork art. As a wedding venue, it offers multiple room options, catering, and room discounts for your out-of-town guests.

19. The Aerie at Eagle Landing

The Aerie itself is the French chateau-style cottage, which offers a ballroom, library, and great hall as its indoor spaces. Outdoor weddings take place in the garden or the Eagle Landing golf course.

18. The Village Ballroom

This 1909 venue stands out for its focus on charity. Portions of all proceeds from events held at this historic space are donated to Oregon organizations in need.

17. Botanical Garden

Leach Botanical Garden is a complex that includes a manor and multiple acres of botanical specimens. Although this venue is located in downtown Portland, Oregon, the lush gardens make you feel as if you are out in the country.

16. Columbia Edgewater Country Club

This 1925 country club in Oregon has soaring ceilings, chandeliers, and enough space for 250 guests. Most services are offered in-house, but they’re open to working with outside vendors as well.

15. The Old Schoolhouse

This former 1928 schoolhouse sits on four acres of hazelnut orchards. It offers both indoor and outdoor spaces as well as an events team.

14. Weddings on the Hill

This former estate is now the perfect place to hold your fairytale or storybook-themed wedding in Oregon. Indoor ceremonies take place in the main house, while outdoor ceremonies and reception takes place on the grounds.

13. Haystack Gardens Retreat Center

This venue is found on the property of Surfsand Resort in Cannon Beach Oregon. Couples can choose to say, “I do,” in the main carriage house or outside on Cannon Beach, featuring Haystack Rock and Tillamook Lighthouse as backdrops.

12. Horning’s Hideout

At Horning’s Hideout, the wild landscape of Oregon provides all the decor you need for a rustic wedding. The three ceremony spaces are the Lakeside, the Creekside, and the 65-foot wide wooden stage.

11. Lan Su Chinese Garden

This garden is a living replica of a Ming Dynasty garden. The teahouse can accommodate small ceremonies of 50 guests, while the sprawling gardens have enough space for 300 guests.

10. Cooper Spur Mountain Resort

This Oregon resort includes a lodge, cabins, evergreen forests, and a gorgeous view of Mt. Hood. They can even coordinate activities for your guests while wedding preparations are underway.

9. Urban Studio

This industrial venue features an open floor plan and oversized windows. For food, Urban Studio is partnered with Pearl Catering.

8. The Reserve Vineyards and Golf Club

Indoor weddings take place in the grand, chateau-style clubhouse. For outdoor weddings, the property features an enormous, open-air pavilion or pine grove.

7. Rossi Farms

Rossi Farms is Portland’s flagship in the urban farming movement. With an assemblage of livestock, elegant barn, and vineyard, it’s the perfect setting for a city-dweller’s country wedding.

6. The Troutdale House by the Sandy River

Many weddings have taken place at this family-owned venue. Every part of this property is available for those tying the knot, including the gazebo, the courtyard, and the Victorian wine cellar, among others.

5. West End Ballroom

This timelessly elegant ballroom is found on the second floor of the West End Theater. Key details include hardwood floors, vaulted ceilings, and two balconies for a picture-perfect wedding.

4. Ainsworth House and Gardens

The Doric columns of the Ainsworth House are ideal as a luxe backdrop for any Oregon wedding. The venue offers multiple indoor and outdoor sites along with the use of the main house for your wedding party making it the perfect wedding venue.

3. Victorian Belle Mansion

This 1885 mansion was a gift from David Cole to his wife. Now, it serves as the wedding venue for countless happy couples.

2. Elysian Ballroom

This historic ballroom features Italian Renaissance-style architecture, complete with cathedral ceilings, crown molding, and original chandelier. Along with space itself, the venue offers complete catering and DJ services.

1. Abernethy Center

Wedding sites on the property include a classic wedding chapel, a pine grove, and a grand ballroom. Everything from the decor to the flatware is coordinated in-house, so couples are free to focus on having the best day of their lives.


If you are getting married at any of these wedding venues in Oregon, or at any spot in Oregon, and need a wedding videographer, contact us for your wedding video today.

Popular Regions w/ Outdoor Wedding Venue Options:

Portland Oregon

Oregons Coast

Central Oregon

Bend Oregon

Hood River Oregon

Southern Oregon

7 Ways To Get More Wedding Videography Clients

If you are pursuing a career in video production, chances are you know it is no easy feat. Sure, you can be skilled with your camera, post some good or even great pictures and videos, have the most aesthetic feed and engage with your followers regularly. But, how do you secure wedding video clients and book more wedding when there are tons of other people out there trying to do the same thing? If you were to conduct a quick Google search on wedding videographers near you, you would be served dozens of listings for people and companies offering the same services as you. If you had to choose just one of those people to create your wedding video, how would you know how to choose? As someone trying to break into the wedding video production industry, or someone simply trying to book more wedding, how do you ensure you stand out enough so that someone chooses to hire you over the other guy? After over a decade in the industry, we have put together seven things you can do to secure more wedding videography clients for your own business.


7 Tips To Secure More Wedding Clients

Consider Partnering With Local Venues
Have you shot at a wedding venue multiple times? Consider talking to them about partnering up. Some wedding venue keep a list of “Preferred Vendors” – try to get yourself on that list! While most venues won’t require potential client to use these “preferred vendors” they will give engaged couples a deal if they work specifically with people on the list. If you don’t have much experience at any venues in your area, it doesn’t hurt to reach out in person or via email and show the grounds manager your work. You never know where an opportunity will present itself!
Keep Your Website Clean, Concise, and Up To Date
This should go without saying but a messy, unresponsive website is a huge turnoff. If a bride is on the hunt for the perfect wedding videographer and she comes across a website that does not work, doesn’t look good, or is hard to navigate, they will likely opt-out and move on to your competition. The client experience starts on your website. Make your contact info clear and available at multiple points on your homepage. Consider having a FAQ page to answer any general questions right off the bat and ultimately speed up the booking process. And, as always, display your past work in a way that is reflective of your current abilities. Don’t showcase videos or photos that are years old and not in line with your current style. You always want to put your best foot forward, the same should apply to your website. Remember – word of mouth referrals are king! Showcasing past client testimonials clearly on your site will help potential client recognize that you have the skills needed to capture their wedding day.
Network With Other People In The Industry
Network, network, network. This may seem counterintuitive to do within your own industry, kind of “sleeping with the enemy”-esque, but trust us – networking can present huge opportunities. If you have met, and meshed with other local videographers they may be more likely to refer clients to you when they are not available. The same goes for wedding photographers. Couples are more likely to book their photographer ASAP as photos are traditionally a huge part of the celebration. And because wedding videography is a newer trend, they will probably seek you out after. If you’ve made connections with local photographers they may be able to refer their clients to you for their wedding videography needs.
Remember, Quick Communication Always Wins
When planning a wedding, engaged couples are wasting no time finalizing the details. If you are slow to respond, chances are your competition has already been in contact with them and put themselves at the forefront of the client’s mind. Try to have a system in place to reply to inquiries almost as soon as you receive them. Work quickly to answer any questions that will lead to booking faster and you are more likely to secure clients over your competition.
Run an Off-Season Special
“Wedding Season” is typically during the summer and early fall months. But, that’s not to say some people don’t opt for Winter or Spring weddings. While it may sound counterintuitive to offer specials when work is slow, it is a good way to get some content flowing and stay in the forefront of Summer wedding clients’ mind. Remember – clients getting married during “Wedding Season” are booking in the off-season. Have some new, fresh work to showcase when they seek your services!

Past Client Testimonials DO Matter

Client testimonials are a huge factor when clients are choosing their wedding videographer. A person’s wedding is one of the biggest days of their life, and they want to ensure it is captured in a way that showcases the true essence of their big day. Word of mouth, and past client testimonials can be a huge factor when couples are deciding who to hire to film their wedding. You can talk yourself up all day long, but good reviews from those who have actually worked with you will always triumph.
Make It Seem Easy – Even When Its Not
Planning a wedding is one of the most stressful times in a person’s life. They are (usually) one of the most expensive events a person will hold, emotions are running high, and the meshing of two families can be a lot for some people. Do your best to convince your clients that you will be providing a completely stress-free experience. Have a system in place that gets you all of the info you need months in advance so your clients can feel confident that there will be no last minute mishaps.

Wedding Videography Clients

While there is no sure-fire way to get more clients, there are tons of ways you can increase your chances of being booked over your competition. Take a look at your online presence, your portfolio. Try to see yourself through the client’s eyes. What would you want to see? What kind of experience would you like? Putting yourself in the clients shoes and seeking advice, and education whenever possible are just a couple ways you can stay on track to becoming a successful wedding videographer.


How To Get Video Production Clients

How To Get Video Production Clients 

Are you a photographer, video production company owner looking to grow your business and secure more clients? We know that one of the most challenging aspects of running any business is the constant need for more clients and more sales. In this blog we discuss how you can begin securing more clients for your video production company and skyrocket your business to new heights. 

After over a decade in the business, the number one biggest problem I see is that creators rely to heavily on the quality of their work and its ability to attract clients. Although good production is key to a successful video production business, it is not an effective marketing strategy. Sure, your stuff might look great, but so does a lot of other peoples. And, in the digital age, how are you standing out amongst the crowd? Why should your ideal client choose you over your competition? There is simply too much competition on the internet to expect clients to seek you and your services out. Simply put, the best way to find clients for your company is to be actively seeking potential customers. If you’re ready to step up your marketing strategy and grow your video production company we have compiled some of our best tips below. 

Cold Outreach 

There are multiple kinds of cold outreach. Cold outreach, simply put, is reaching out to/contacting someone you have had no prior contact with. Now, this can seem scary because you don’t want to potentially be off-putting or embarrass yourself along the way. But, it is an undeniably effective method. Some examples of cold outreach are:

  • Cold Calling 
  • Emailing
  • Direct Mail 
  • Direct Message on Social Media 

Cold calling is one of the oldest forms of marketing. Despite its age, this form of outreach is still highly effective when combined with modern technology. Instead of making phone calls, you can reach out to potential clients via email or direct message. It is helpful to have a script pre-written to help speed up the process. You should make an effort to use this cold outreach method at least a few times per day. This will greatly improve your chances of finding work.

Bring Value Without Being “Asked” For It

Earlier we talked about how saturated the digital landscape is. A quick scroll through the discover feed on Instagram will likely  serve you up dozens of beautiful photos and videos from a creator just like you. One of the best ways to attract new clients is to offer free value upfront. When people search online for solutions to their problem, the company answering those questions will immediately gain their trust and recognition. Often times people aren’t even actively seeking an answer to their “problems,” but still resonate with someone willing to offer up free value. Think about it, why do you follow the influencers you do on social media? And I’m not talking your friends and family. I’m talking about the people you have never met yet follow their life through your phone. What do they offer you? What keeps you coming back? You should be actively creating helpful content online in the form of videos, blog posts, etc. Build up your credibility so that when someone does seek help on “What To Ask Before Hiring A Wedding Videographer” they are more likely to click on your blog post than the other guys. 

Content Marketing 

Similar to what we talked about above, content marketing is the act of creating and sharing online materials that do not necessarily promote your business, but help build interest in your services. Content marketing can be done in a variety of ways including blogging, vlogging, making videos, email marketing, etc. You really can take content marketing whatever route you want. Make tip sheets to distribute when email marketing, or make a blog on how new videographers can become more comfortable with editing. Do some keyword research, what terms are being searched that you can make a video or blog post about? Have you seen any trends you have some insight on that you can share? It can sound draining to be offering up all this content with no direct return, but trust us – it works. 

Use Your Personal and Business Network

Networking is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of marketing in any industry. The same is true for video production. You can find a lot of work through a network of other freelancers. The photographer you encountered at an event may be able to refer video clients to you. And, in exchange, you could keep an eye out for clients who need some photography skills. Consider teaming up with other freelancers who specialize in different areas. Your combined skills can be offered an entire package. Aside from networking with other people in your industry, network with people who may need your services. Attend chamber events, make friends with people on the marketing side of companies. Anyone that pushes out content that isn’t produced in-house could always be in need of your services. Making those connections can get you a foot in when they look to subcontract a videographer for their next video. 

Frequent Certain Spaces

Active marketing requires that you seek out potential clients. You’ll find that your target audience tends to spend time in the same online spaces. Because they are in the same niche, they have the same problems, questions, interests, and solutions. Frequenting these client spaces can help expose your company while also establishing you as an expert in the field. These spaces can also keep you up-to-date on the latest trends and need within the niche. If everyone is discussing a new problem, you can be the first to offer a unique solution. There are endless benefits to frequenting these client spaces. They can come in the form of niche blogs, forums, social media platforms, and more. The same goes for people within your industry. There is always more to learn, and hanging out in photography/videography specific spaces can not only help you build connections, but expose you to other styles of work, trends, and more. 

Actively Seek Work 

Finding potential clients doesn’t always have to be a game of hide-and-seek. Although the internet is crowded with thousands of competitors doing the same work as you, finding work can be quite simple. There are always people, and companies actively searching for your type of services. Instead of assuming they will find you and your content, you should take time to search for their inquiry. There are countless job boards online, and on social media where people or businesses are requesting video work. Sites like UpWork, Freelancer, and ServiceSpace are great places to find clients who are in need of video production. Does your local area have a marketplace on Facebook? Check there to see if anyone on the local level is seeking work. Have a portfolio ready to send out when you come across these listings – they may get booked fast. 

Paid Ads Can Work 

Actively searching for jobs is an undeniable way to find work. But, some people just dont have the time to dedicate to this process. Fortunately, there are paid advertising options that can generate a nice return on your investment. Paid ads can be spendy, and in some cases we advise against them, but the trick to paid ads  is knowing where to advertise and how to generate a compelling campaign. Social media platforms are great places to start advertising because of the targeting measures that can be used. For example, companies that specialize in wedding videos can target their ads to engaged couples. When you set out to start a paid ad campaign, make sure you are targeting your ideal customer. We always say – advertising to everyone, is actually advertising to no one. If you are a wedding videographer consider changing your reach parameters to target engaged couples. Be specific with who and where you are targeting and you will see results. 

Build A Strong Online Presence  

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again – the photographer and videographer market is so saturated it may seem like you’re one in a million. This is why we say you need to dial in your online presence. This means you need to have an outstanding website, up-to-date listings, social accounts that are representative of your professional self. Potential clients will always want to see your previous work in order to get an idea of your capabilities. If you don’t have any prior work examples, make some of your own content and have any good reviews, or customer testimonials available and in plain sight on your website. You don’t need to showcase every single job you’ve ever done, just some of your best work. Post freely on Facebook, and Instagram but keep your website sleek, and to the point. They need video work, and you’ve got the skills to deliver. Include call-to-actions wherever applicable to close that sales process as soon as possible. 


As you know by now, finding new jobs for your video production company isn’t impossible. However, it does take a lot of hard work, dedication, and consistency. The most important part of marketing and building a successful company is to be active. Actively seek clients, and actively work towards bringing the most value to your clients. Utilize these tips and you will be well on your way to a successful career.



Have you ever stumbled across one of those beautiful wedding films or highlight videos that makes you tear up even if you have absolutely no idea who the couple getting married is? Ya, me too- thanks Facebook! Or, maybe you haven’t but you’re getting married and want to evoke the same feeling when remembering the big day. Or, maybe, you’re not even engaged yet but simply preparing for when the time comes. A person can dream, right?! Either way, wedding videography is quickly becoming a popular way to remember your big day by. Advanced technology, a booming photographer and videographer market and more have made wedding films more popular and accessible than ever before. With such a saturated market, how can you ensure you’re picking the best videographer to capture your special day? That you’re actually getting the quality that you pay for? Here we have compiled the top 10 questions you should ask BEFORE you hire a videographer. Planning a wedding is time-consuming and stressful enough – hiring a wedding videographer doesn’t have to be.

Are You Available on My Date?

This may seem a little obvious, but it is one of the most important questions! You’re likely excited to get the planning process rolling, so you may be more keen to jump the gun and get excited about a videographer before knowing if they are available on your wedding date or not. When reaching out we always recommend including your wedding date and venue in your initial contact with them.

How Long Have You Been a Videographer? How Many Weddings Have You Done?

Your wedding video is something you will cherish for the rest of your life. Even if it appears that your videographer does great work on their website, social media, etc. their hands-on experience counts for something. Ensuring that they have proper experience can help lessen any day-of mishaps that may arise. More experience means they have likely had to deal with emergencies before and can be prepared for an emergency on your big day should one arise.

How Would You Describe Your Style? Can I See Past Work Examples?

If a videographer is hesitant to show you past work, they likely have something to hide. Any professional videographer will have an online portfolio (website) in addition to social media where they showcase their day to day work. If your videographer is not wedding specific, this is also good to ensure their style is in line with your wedding video vision. Someone may make amazing cinematic style commercials for the local car dealership, but that might not be what you want your wedding video to be like. Again, this may seem like an obvious question but you can never be too prepared when preparing to start walking down the aisle.

Have You Worked With My Photographer? Can You Meet Them Ahead Of Time?

Your videographer and photographer will have to work very closely on the day of your wedding. Not only are they both trying to capture the perfect shot, but they need to be aware of what the other professional expects to deliver your desired video/photos. If they’ve worked with your photographer before, great! If not, that’s fine too. Either way, they will likely need to meet before the big day to talk about format and other needs.

How Does Your Pricing Work? Do You Charge For Additional Locations?

Videographers will generally offer a variety of packages and deals. Do you want one full-length video? A trailer, and a full-length video? Do you need some same-day editing? Will you need additional videographers? Will they provide highlight videos? Whatever route you take, it is important to have everything in writing and ensure that both parties are on the same page. Videography is no cheap feat but is well worth the price. Make sure you are getting everything you want out of your final video! You will only have one chance to get it.

How Do You Operate on The Day Of? What Input Do You Accept?

You will likely discuss your day-of timeline well before the videographer arrives on-site to film. You or your wedding planner should plan on having a timeline available prior to, and on the day of your wedding to ensure everyone is on the same page and that there is no miscommunication. You also need to consider the fact that videographers look at each piece of work as an artistic endeavor. It is your wedding day, but they are filming professionals. Do you want to focus on your wedding decor, wedding accessories, or wedding ring at all? While it can help to choose a videographer you trust completely, it doesn’t hurt to discuss song choice, vision, etc. prior to the big day. Discuss everything in detail prior to signing the dotted line – you only have one shot at your wedding video, cover all of your bases!

Will You Be Shooting Any Other Videos The Same Weekend As My Wedding? Are They in The Same Are?

Depending on the size of the company you are hiring to video your wedding, you may have a different videographer than the person you originally booked with. Ideally, you will have access to your videographer the entire day of your wedding. If you are booking with a small video production company, ensuring they will be in close proximity the weekend of your wedding can help prevent any traveling mishaps they could encounter. You really never know what could go wrong, so we suggest covering all of your bases to ensure the least amount of stress on the big day.

How Many Cameras and People Will Be Operating?

It can be nearly impossible to catch every special moment with just one videographer and one camera rolling. While most videographers will have a second person on location, this is important to confirm ahead of time to ensure you will be getting a product you are happy with. If they won’t have a second videographer on-site, it is not uncommon for there to be multiple stationary cameras located throughout your reception venue.

What Parts of The Day Do You Typically Capture?

While this will vary depending on who you book with, and the type of video package you choose, it can be good to ensure you and your videographer are on the same page. Will they be videoing the bride and her bridal party getting ready? Will they film the groom and his groomsmen? Or, will filming start when you walk down the aisle. Preferences will vary from person to person, so make sure you are communicating directly, and clearly with your videographer when they capture your special day.

How Long Does It Typically Take To Edit and Deliver Videos? How is The Final Copy Delivered?

Again, this depends a lot on the videographer and the package you paid for. What kind of delivery did you pay for? Online download, a physical CD copy, hard drives? Do they provide any raw footage? Did you pay for expedited delivery? How long does that typically take? What happens in the event they don’t deliver your footage within the discussed timeline? Are you able to get a partial refund? Again, all things that should be communicated clearly well before the big day. A good edit can take some time so do your research to ensure you are not expecting too much, or too little from your videographer.

Wedding Clients

Every person, videographer, and wedding is different. When you set out to find your wedding videographer, be prepared! There will be tons of options and it can be overwhelming. If you go in prepared with questions, and a clear vision of what you want/expect you should be able to find, and hire the perfect wedding videographer for you.



Want to learn how you can secure more wedding videography clients? Check out our new course, or visit our website.

Local Business Marketing Tips

If a picture is worth a thousand words, is a video worth two thousand? Five thousand? More? In the digital age, content is king. Engaging content is one of the most powerful promotional tools a company can utilize. But, what makes content engaging? How do you catch someone’s eye that has been scrolling 50 miles per hour since the iPhone was released all the way back in 2007? Yes, the iPhone, the internet, social media, and so much more has changed immeasurably since that first iPhone took the world by storm but marketings definition has essentially stayed the same. When marketing, your intent is to promote and sell products/services via market research and advertising. Research your product/services market and its customers, and advertise said product/service accordingly. Sounds easy, right? Not so much. Now that most of the world is accustomed to viewing and absorbing content daily (if not hourly) it can be hard to catch your customer’s eye and stand out from the crowd.

Aside from helping you market your product or service, video marketing can be incorporated in promotional videos, value-based videos/content, customer testimonials, how-to’s, or before and after examples (when applicable.) While the thought of going out and shooting a great video can sound exciting to some, quality video production is costly and shouldn’t be taken lightly when incorporated into your digital marketing plan. Ignore the basic principles of marketing (data-driven campaigns) and you’ll end up wasting money on a video that might look cool to you, but won’t actually do anything for your customers, your business, or your sales. Develop an effective video marketing strategy and you can be well on your way towards engaging with your customers and skyrocketing sales and brand awareness. Read on for our top 20 tips on video marketing.

3)Check Out Other Videos For Inspo
Reflect on video marketing campaigns that have caught your eye in the past. For example, one of the things that make the Superbowl so popular is the hype around the commercials they air during the game. A 30-second commercial during the game costs companies upwards of 5.2 Million dollars – so you know they are putting out their best content. Find inspiration in the way they use humor, or current social issues to catch America’s attention.

2)Have an Intriguing Intro
Like we said earlier, it can be hard to catch someone’s eye when they’ve already spent a good amount of time scrolling and absorbing content. You should aim to catch your viewer’s attention within the first 3-5 seconds of your video. Not long, right? Experts also suggest viewers should already get the gist of your videos purpose within the same time frame.

3) Tell a Story
When someone approaches me in person, over the phone, or via email in a “salesperson” way I am immediately turned off. While video marketing’s purpose is to promote your product/service and brand you also don’t want to put off potential clients by pushing yourself on them. Let your video tell a story – aim to resonate in some way with your customer. Strike an emotion that gets the viewer hooked before pitching yourself too hard, if at all.

4) Mobile-Friendly – Always
Similar to your website, your videos must always be mobile-friendly. Some things on this list may only be applicable to some people and businesses, but this tip is universal. Mobile friendly. Always. Mobile devices are the #1 devices people use to surf the web. If your video isn’t mobile-friendly you can guarantee viewers will skip over it and move on to one that is.

5) Include a CTA But Don’t Go Overboard on Sales
Similar to how websites, pages, blogs, etc. should include at least one call to action, your videos should too. Think about what you want viewers to do once they’ve finished your video. Do you want them to sign up for your newsletter? Check out the highlighted product? Fill out an Inquiry form? We stress not making videos too “sales-y” but this tip is critical if you want action to come from your video – just make sure your CTA is easily completed, and relevant to the info you just presented.

6) The Shorter The Better
Now that people are conditioned to scroll Instagram and Facebook a million miles per minute, their attention spans are gradually getting shorter and shorter. Not only should you grab viewers attention within the first five seconds of your video, but your entire video should be short and concise enough that customers don’t click through and move on before you get your message across.

7) Quality Over Perfection
Focus more on providing quality content, rather than the perfect content. As a small business owner, you likely aren’t spending your limited time and money on fancy video production equipment or studio time. With all of the advanced technology we have access to nowadays, focus more on creating a good quality video that resonates and appeals to the same level as your customer demographic. Aesthetics are important, but not so important that you dehumanize your business and alienate your target customer.

8) Build Hype Around Your Video Release
This might seem silly if you just plan on releasing a 10-second video on how to properly whisk your scrambled eggs, but the heads up can help put you in the forefront of your customers and followers minds. Depending on the content you’ll be releasing you can hype up your video release for weeks, days, or even hours. A quick “New Video Coming Soon!” can go a long way when promoting your video content.

9) Consider NOT Using Audio
Don’t get us wrong, audio might be critical in SOME video production situations. In most, you can probably do without it. The majority of people are scrolling through their phones on the go, at the office, in a restaurant, etc. Essentially, people can be scrolling at any given moment in any given setting and not all settings are appropriate for blasting the volume on a video you’re watching. Consider adding text if you need to get info, or instructions across. This gives people a chance to receive your message even in situations where they can’t listen to the audio. Trust us, if someone scrolls away from your video because they aren’t able to hear it, they likely won’t be coming back or see it on their next scroll. Thanks, algorithms!

10) Repurpose Past Blog Posts or Content and Recreate Into a Video
This is an easy way to jump-start creating video content. Want to get comfortable with making and distributing videos before investing time in new ideas? Repurpose past work of yours and deliver it in video form.

11) Use Live Video Streaming To Engage With Your Audience
Live video isn’t always the way to go, but it can be a fun way to engage with your audience. Doing a giveaway? Consider streaming your winner announcement live. Hosting, or attending a special event related to your company? Live to stream it and take viewers behind the scenes, or get them in on the action! Live streaming can be utilized in a lot of different ways, just don’t go this route all, or even most of the time.

12) Add a Video To Your Website Homepage
Simply put, Google loves video content. Any marketing campaign should include SEO in their plan, but don’t forget to include SEO when making your video marketing plan. Google is king and if you want your business to show up in their listings, you have to play by their rules. To ensure you’re getting all you can out of your latest video release include a well-written video description that uses relevant keywords.

13) Take Viewers Behind The Scenes
Similar to what we discussed about live streaming, taking viewers behind the scenes can make them feel more connected to your company. Have there been times you wished you could go behind the counter of your favorite store, or see the prep work it takes to make your favorite meal or snack? Inviting viewers behind the scenes makes them feel as though they know something others don’t – like they’re an insider at your company. Do this wisely, but have fun with it – you don’t need to give away your top-secret recipe in order to feel more connected to your customers.

14) Encourage People To Engage With Your Content
Similar to posting on social media, encourage viewers to engage with your content. This can be in the form of a call to action, but can be as simple as stating “LIKE this video if you love chocolate” or “COMMENT your favorite product of ours and why.” If you’re having trouble generating engagement, consider adding some incentive.

15) Include Employees or Customers in Video Marketing Campaigns
This can be a really easy and fun way for business owners to generate new video content while keeping things in-house and promoting customer/business relationships. Small businesses can often evoke feelings of family and unity. You’re likely working with a smaller team on a more personal level, and customers are more likely to recognize familiar faces. Go behind the scenes on the average workday or encourage employees to share their favorite product from your business. There’s a ton of ways you can do this, try it out!

16) Highlight In-House or Industry Experts
Similar to including employees or customers in videos, including an in-house or industry expert in your video can encourage viewers to stay engaged longer. This can not only add value for your viewers but can be a good selling point when promoting your video. “Master Yogi, Jane Doe, Gives Top 10 Tips To Kickstart Your Own Yoga Practice” is more appealing than “Watch This and Learn How To Open a Yoga Studio Someday.”

17) Consider Creating a Mini-Series
We don’t mean this in the sense that you should film a literal mini-series for your company (if that’s applicable to you, cool. Chances are it’s not though.) You don’t need to film a sequence of videos full of cliffhangers leading to a climactic ending somewhere down the line. But, consider releasing a themed video every Monday, once a month, etc. For example, if you’re a hairstylist you can post a video every Thursday highlighting different ways to style your hair to help beat the summer heat. Choose something that your customers will want to engage with time and time again and give them something to look forward to.

18) Include Tutorial Videos When Applicable
If you have a business that doesn’t sell a product consumers need to “use” you can still utilize tutorial videos! Have you ever seen those fast-paced cooking videos on Facebook? MAYBE you actually replicated a recipe you saw, but chances are you just enjoyed watching it first. While this can vary greatly from business to business, don’t limit yourself on what you can do. If you own a restaurant but don’t want to give away any recipes, consider making a video on how to cook the perfect fried egg. Easy, right?

19) Experiment With Different Length Videos
We’ve reiterated videos typically need to be quick and concise to really land with consumers. But that doesn’t mean every video you make should be fast-paced, and 10 seconds long. Put out videos of varying lengths. Tutorials can be longer, promotional videos can be shorter but have awesome music and graphics. Make sure you are paying attention to insights on the platforms you post your videos on – they can tell you which videos perform best based on length, time posted, and more.

20) Don’t Be Boring
Last but not least, just don’t be boring. Put your best foot forward and create content your AUDIENCE wants to see – not what you want to see (because they’re not always the same thing.) Follow these tips, keep things fresh and you’re on your way to creating video content that will not only increase sales but promote a stronger business and customer relationship.

Oregon is the most beautiful and diverse state, don’t you agree?

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10 Best Video Cameras for Professionals in 2017 & 2018

The year 2017 saw a huge boost in production and technological advances in the world of video. Experts predict that this rate of growth will continue into 2018 and beyond. Video is being used each and every day by people from all walks of life. There are many people in the United States and the world that use video for a variety of purposes. Today’s careers are different from the careers of yesterday. Many people use video cameras and make money by recording themselves or others and posting it online, others use cameras to run big production companies. Video production is a fast moving career that’s growing quickly all over the world.

In this article, we will explore the latest and greatest cameras on the market perfect for professional to armature.

GoPro Hero4 Session

The GoPro Hero4 Session is the perfect camera for professionals looking for action shots. The GoPro Hero4 Session is extremely small, compact and is accessed anywhere and at any time. This camera is easy to use and it has the ability to be attached to many things, including a person. The GoPro Hero4 Session retails for $299.99. The GoPro Hero4 Session is the perfect camera for a professional who needs a shot of someone hiking, running, or surfing.

Canon XA30 Professional Camcorder

This Canon camera is ideal for professionals who need the power of a great camera, in a small package. The Canon XA30 has a 20X Optical Zoom, that is high definition. It also contains an HD CMOS Pro Image Sensor. With this sensor, professionals can shoot in low light with ease. The Canon XA30 shoots in 24p, giving every shot film quality.

Nikon D5600

The Nikon D5600 is a DSLR camera that many professionals use. Professionals in the video and photography industry use the Nikon D5600 to create video and to take great photography. The camera features 24.2 megapixels. It features full HD video recording and it has built-in WIFI. The built-in WIFI is perfect for individuals who like to share their work on social media.

Panasonic HC-WXF991K 4K Ultra HD

The Panasonic HC-WXF991K 4K Ultra HD is an affordable high-end camera that features ultra HD. Ultra HD is also known as 4K, which is the new recording format. The 4K recording format is great, crystal clear quality. This feature is ideal for professionals that are looking for great quality footage.

Canon EOS M6

The Canon EOS M6 is a mirrorless camera. Mirrorless cameras are new and becoming very popular because they are lighter and easier to use. The Canon EOS M6 has a 24.2 megapixel sensor and Dual Pixel CMOS Autofocus. This camera is great for professionals because it gives them DSLR quality and features, without the bulk.

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

Video professionals all over the world love and adore the Canon EOS 5D Mark Series. Professionals everywhere use this camera to shoot full-feature movies and other projects. The newest addition, the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV has 30.4 megapixels. This newest version also shoots in 4K ultra high definition. This camera is a great upgrade for all video professionals.

Canon XC10

Canon is a beloved camera brand for most video professionals. The Canon XC10 is a hybrid camera that shoots in 4K ultra high definition. The camera features a touchscreen monitor and it has a built-in ND filter. ND filters are used for the exposure of an image or video. The Canon XC10 is perfect for professionals looking for cinema quality video.

Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II

The Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II is a mirrorless camera that many consider to be on the high-end of the price spectrum. It shoots in 4K ultra high definition and it has an HDMI connection. This Olympus camera also has a headphone jack, so professionals can listen to audio as they as they are shooting. The camera shoots up to 60 frames per second.

Panasonic Lumix GH5

The Panasonic Lumix GH5 is a workhorse that shoots in 4K ultra high definition. It features a viewfinder and a monitor for easy viewing. This camera can connect to an HDMI cable. In addition to 4K ultra high definition shooting, the Panasonic Lumix can also shoot in full high definition, which is 1080p.

Sony Alpha A7S II

The Sony Alpha A7S II is a compact camera that is used by professionals for their video needs. It features a full-frame CMOS sensor and it has a resolution of 12.2 MP. The lens of a Sony Alpha A7S II is a Sony E Mount. The camera features low noise when using the lens and it shoots in 4K ultra high definition. Autofocus on the Sony Alpha A7S II is fast and the camera has a built-in image stabilization feature.

When choosing a professional camera for your video production operation, it’s important that you do you research. Technology is increasing at such a rapid pace that it’s easy for your equipment to become quickly outdated. In 2018, videographers will face more challenges than ever, so it’s critical you have the right camera for the job. From the crew here at Morrisey Productions, best of luck in 2018.