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How We Filmed It

The Oregon Backpacking Adventure video was filmed entirely with a DJI Phantom Drone and a Hero 4K Camera.  Utilizing the best lighting first thing in the morning and last thing in the evening we pushed the Hero Camera to the limit and captured some amazing footage.

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Behind the Scenes

Instead of visiting popular backpacking and hiking destinations throughout Oregon, Brit and Seth Morrisey opted to search for lesser known locations.  Relying primarily on word of mouth advice, we used a GPS and a lot of trial and error to reach the summit of various locations in the coast range mountains.

About the Producers

Brit and Seth Morrisey are brothers and co-founders of Morrisey Productions.  Regionally located in Portland Oregon, the Morrisey Productions crew travels the entire Pacific Northwest filming the most scenic locations our area has to offer. .

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Photography & Video

Author: Seth Morrisey