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InfluenceMine™ is a Blockchain based green mining app using the latest proprietary technology. Influence has partnered with one of the top cloud mining systems to create a green mining system that will change the cryptocurrency space. In this video, CEO Rob Towles explains how the system will work.

If you’ve been watching the news lately, you know that Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies are rising in popularity. Influence seeks to revolutionize the affiliate and blockchain-base mining space with the world’s first green mining solution that opens up cryptocurrency investing to the general public. Morrisey Productions is working with InfluenceMine™ creating a series of videos explaining this process and more importantly how you can get involved.

5 Alternative Coins That Will Shine In 2018

Cryptocurrency is all the rage these days, especially Bitcoin. However, there are a few alternative coins, known as altcoins, you should consider taking a closer look at in 2018. Before we tell you more, let’s go provide you with a brief history of cryptocurrency.

A Brief Look At Cryptocurrency’s History

Bitcoin was the first decentralized cryptocurrency created. In 2009, a developer by the name of Satoshi Nakamoto created it. In an attempt to form a decentralized DNS, Namecoin was created, which was back in 2011. Also in the same year, Litecoin was released. Litecoin was created with scrypt and not SHA-256, which was used to create Bitcoin. Throughout the years, more and more cryptocurrencies have been created. Plus, companies are cashing in on affiliate backed green mining like InfluenceMine. Influence Mine uses many proprietary tools that makes their company stand out from the rest. 

Cryptocurrency is decentralized, which means there is no bank that baxks it. It also doesn’t have intrinsic value that commodities or traditional currencies have. It is digital currency that has grown in popularity throughout the years.

When you hear the word “cryptocurrency,” you probably think of Bitcoin. It is the most valuable type of cryptocurrency and it was the first to be created. Altcoins are short for alternative coins, and these are cryptocurrencies that are not Bitcoin (an alternative to Bitcoin). With that said, here are the altcoins we believe will shine in 2018.

Alternative Coins That Will Shine In 2018

With so many altcoins out there, it’s difficult to judge which ones have potential. Lucky for you, we have a good idea of which ones you’ll want to keep an eye on. Below are a few altcoins we believe will shine in 2018. Starting in no particular order, they are:

1. InfluenceINK

InfluenceMine™ is a company promising to bring access to the latest green mining technology to the general public via a mobile phone app. The company Influence Mine will own and operate a large mining operation mining the most profitable digital currencies. Through their innovative app you will be able to participate in this emerging technology. Set to launch in 2018, Influence promises to shake up the mining industry and cryptocurrency space.

2. Siacoin

Siacoin is one of the top 40 coins in the world, and currently there are around 25 billion of them in circulation. It’s expected that the market cap on them will be well over $20 billion.

Unlike many other cryptocurrencies, Siacoin has a product. It provides storage space that is not centralized. In fact, we believe Sia’s product will become a major competitor of Amazon S3, Dropbox and Google Drive. In order to use the storage service, you need 2,000 Siacoins and others can pay you a fee if they want to rent your storage space. As time goes on and the more people show interest in it, the more Siacoin will increase in value.

3. Steem

Another cryptocurrency expected to do very well in 2018 are Steem Dollars, or SBD for short. You don’t have to mine Steem with CPUs or GPUs and you can actually earn Steem by using a platform called Steemit. It’s a blogging platform that pays you in Steem Dollars, and even if you have no knowledge of cryptocurrencies, you can join the platform and write about anything. This might lead to you earning Steem Dollars.

We believe Steem will increase in value in 2018 because more and more people are joining Steemit. As Steemit grows, the currency is expected to increase in value. Since Steem is relatively new, 2018 is the perfect time to start investing in it.

4. Ethereum

Ethereum (ETH) has experienced substantial growth over the last two years; Forty-times growth rate to be precise. ETH is a platform that is decentralized and it runs on smart contracts. Many experts believe that one day ETH will become just as valuable as Bitcoin.

One of the reasons we believe ETH is worth investing in is because when Coinbase first accepted it, ETH was just nineteen dollars. Three months later, it is worth over $300.

5. Ripple

Then there is Ripple, which allows banks to make money transfers/transactions much faster. Some of the banks using Ripple includes Santander, Standard Chartered and Abu Dhabi Bank.

Ripple is bound to go more mainstream in the near future, which means you should invest in it in 2018.

We are confident that the above altcoins will shine in 2018. As previously mentioned, all of those are worth investing in. You might be surprised at what kind of returns you might get.

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