Experience Cannon Beach Oregon


Filmed and produced for the Cannon Beach Chamber of Commerce by Morrisey Productions.


High Life Adventures Zip Line Park


Morrisey Productions filmed and produced this video for High Life Adventures Zip Line Adventure in Warrenton Oregon.


InfluenceMine Crypto-backed Blockchain-based Affiliate Mining

InfluenceMine™ is a Blockchain based green mining app using the latest proprietary technology. Influence has partnered with one of the top cloud mining systems to create a green mining system that will change the cryptocurrency space. In this video, CEO Rob Towles explains how the system will work.

If you’ve been watching the news lately, you know that Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies are rising in popularity. Influence seeks to revolutionize the affiliate and blockchain-base mining space with the world’s first green mining solution that opens up cryptocurrency investing to the general public. Morrisey Productions is working with InfluenceMine™ creating a series of videos explaining this process and more importantly how you can get involved.

5 Alternative Coins That Will Shine In 2018

Cryptocurrency is all the rage these days, especially Bitcoin. However, there are a few alternative coins, known as altcoins, you should consider taking a closer look at in 2018. Before we tell you more, let’s go provide you with a brief history of cryptocurrency.

A Brief Look At Cryptocurrency’s History

Bitcoin was the first decentralized cryptocurrency created. In 2009, a developer by the name of Satoshi Nakamoto created it. In an attempt to form a decentralized DNS, Namecoin was created, which was back in 2011. Also in the same year, Litecoin was released. Litecoin was created with scrypt and not SHA-256, which was used to create Bitcoin. Throughout the years, more and more cryptocurrencies have been created. Plus, companies are cashing in on affiliate backed green mining like InfluenceMine. Influence Mine uses many proprietary tools that makes their company stand out from the rest. 

Cryptocurrency is decentralized, which means there is no bank that baxks it. It also doesn’t have intrinsic value that commodities or traditional currencies have. It is digital currency that has grown in popularity throughout the years.

When you hear the word “cryptocurrency,” you probably think of Bitcoin. It is the most valuable type of cryptocurrency and it was the first to be created. Altcoins are short for alternative coins, and these are cryptocurrencies that are not Bitcoin (an alternative to Bitcoin). With that said, here are the altcoins we believe will shine in 2018.

Alternative Coins That Will Shine In 2018

With so many altcoins out there, it’s difficult to judge which ones have potential. Lucky for you, we have a good idea of which ones you’ll want to keep an eye on. Below are a few altcoins we believe will shine in 2018. Starting in no particular order, they are:

1. InfluenceINK

InfluenceMine™ is a company promising to bring access to the latest green mining technology to the general public via a mobile phone app. The company Influence Mine will own and operate a large mining operation mining the most profitable digital currencies. Through their innovative app you will be able to participate in this emerging technology. Set to launch in 2018, Influence promises to shake up the mining industry and cryptocurrency space.

2. Siacoin

Siacoin is one of the top 40 coins in the world, and currently there are around 25 billion of them in circulation. It’s expected that the market cap on them will be well over $20 billion.

Unlike many other cryptocurrencies, Siacoin has a product. It provides storage space that is not centralized. In fact, we believe Sia’s product will become a major competitor of Amazon S3, Dropbox and Google Drive. In order to use the storage service, you need 2,000 Siacoins and others can pay you a fee if they want to rent your storage space. As time goes on and the more people show interest in it, the more Siacoin will increase in value.

3. Steem

Another cryptocurrency expected to do very well in 2018 are Steem Dollars, or SBD for short. You don’t have to mine Steem with CPUs or GPUs and you can actually earn Steem by using a platform called Steemit. It’s a blogging platform that pays you in Steem Dollars, and even if you have no knowledge of cryptocurrencies, you can join the platform and write about anything. This might lead to you earning Steem Dollars.

We believe Steem will increase in value in 2018 because more and more people are joining Steemit. As Steemit grows, the currency is expected to increase in value. Since Steem is relatively new, 2018 is the perfect time to start investing in it.

4. Ethereum

Ethereum (ETH) has experienced substantial growth over the last two years; Forty-times growth rate to be precise. ETH is a platform that is decentralized and it runs on smart contracts. Many experts believe that one day ETH will become just as valuable as Bitcoin.

One of the reasons we believe ETH is worth investing in is because when Coinbase first accepted it, ETH was just nineteen dollars. Three months later, it is worth over $300.

5. Ripple

Then there is Ripple, which allows banks to make money transfers/transactions much faster. Some of the banks using Ripple includes Santander, Standard Chartered and Abu Dhabi Bank.

Ripple is bound to go more mainstream in the near future, which means you should invest in it in 2018.

We are confident that the above altcoins will shine in 2018. As previously mentioned, all of those are worth investing in. You might be surprised at what kind of returns you might get.

What is InfluenceMine?

Seaside Oregon Beach Volleyball Tournament 2017 Video & Photos

Beach Volleyball Tournament 2017 – Seaside Oregon

Highlight video from Day #1

New videos will be uploaded here throughout the weekend.

Check out these videos from previous Beach Volleyball Tournaments

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Top Video Cameras to Record YouTube Videos in 2018


Top Video Cameras for Youtube Videos in 2017 & 2018

Using the perfect video camera is essential in creating great YouTube videos. No matter what topic you discuss, your subscribers and those who discover your videos will need to see and hear your video clearly to continue interest in your channel. Read along to learn about the best video cameras used by the most successful YouTubers of 2017.

•Canon 70D

The Canon 70D is a very popular choice of camera in the video-blogging world. People who record makeup tutorials and cosmetic reviews, for example, find this to be one of the best video cameras on the market because its battery stays charged for an incredible amount of time. This Canon captures videos in high definition of modes up to 1080p. It even has the option to modify color tones, and with ease with the use of a touch screen. If you’re looking to show your viewers even the finest of details and use the most modern methods of filming, the Canon 70D is the best choice for you.

•DJI Osmo

If you want a camera that can swift motions, look no further. The DJI Osmo is known for its steadiness and is perfect for video-bloggers who are constantly on-the-go. The DJI Osmo not only captures quick movement, but does so without losing image quality, shooting videos in up to 4K quality. Use this camera if you plan to record sports, run, or tread through rocky terrain.

•Sony Alpha a7RII

The Sony Alpha a7RII for those interested in customizing the hardware of their camera to adjust to the needs of their work. If you already own professional lenses from other cameras, you can be resourceful by using them with this Sony. Video-bloggers who don’t want to tote around heavy equipment would enjoy this camera, as well, because it is small, lightweight, and easy to carry. Though it may be small, it still produces stunning photographs and YouTube videos. Low-maintenance video-bloggers would find the Sony Alpha a7RII desirable.

•Panasonic LX10

This Panasonic camera has many features that even beginner video-bloggers can appreciate. It is affordable, but it doesn’t come with the issues you find in many other inexpensive cameras. This Panasonic has a quiet auto-focus setting, which is usually not the case for even the most exclusive recording equipment, yet is sensitive to sound, which allows viewers to hear the video well. This camera also produces rich colors and is quick to adjust to unexpected changes to the lighting in videos. You can focus the camera manually while maintain 4K quality. If you’re considering a career or a hobby in video-blogging, the Panasonic LX10 is an excellent place to start.

•GoPro Hero 5

The GoPro Hero 5 is one of the best video cameras for video-bloggers looking to save time without losing quality. While it captures motion with spectacular precision with 4K quality and a 12.0-megapixel camera, it has multiple unique features. This GoPro seamlessly syncs your videos to your smart phone, where the user can view their YouTube videos right in the palm of their hand. This camera even comes with its own video-editing software so video-bloggers can quickly make improvements to their work on their phone before posting their content to their subscribers. If you’re looking to keep your work on your smartphone and focus on several projects at once, the GoPro Hero 5 is a great option for you.

Those are our picks for the top video cameras to shoot YouTube videos in 2017 and going forward into 2018. If you want to see some of our videos then subscribe to us at the Morrisey Productions YouTube Channel or follow us on Instagram at Morrisey Productions.

4th of July Fireworks Show Seaside Oregon 2017

4th of july fireworks seaside oregon 2017

The 4th of July Fireworks Show in Seaside Oregon is supposed to be better than ever in 2017. Visitors from all around the US and abroad will converge on Seaside Oregon one spactacular night of celebration and fireworks commemorating the aniversary of our beloved republic. The Morrisey Productions crew will be on the scene bringing you a live feed of the event as well as filming from the top of Trend West in Seaside. Follow the Seaside Oregon Facebook to watch live! https://www.instagram.com/seasideoregon/

Photos and Video from the Fireworks Show 2017





4th of July Parade Seaside Oregon 2017


At 11am in downtown Seaside there will be the annually 4th of July parade. Don’t forget to claim your place early as it’s likely to fill up quick.

God’s Thumb Drone Video – Lincoln City Oregon

Gods Thumb Lincoln City Oregon

God’s Thumb or The Thumb is just a short 1.6 mile hike North of Lincoln City Oregon. The trail head can be found towards near Roads End State Park just passed a logging gate. The hike is somewhat steep, but easy enough for all ages. The Morrisey Productions crew took a trip to “The Thumb” or God’s Thumb recently to explore the area and do some filming with our DJI Inspire X5R drone. Over the years I have seen some really cool videos out of the area so we decided to travel there with a couple friends and see what we can produce. Unfortunately, the weather didn’t cooperate and we found ourselves clouded in right before sunset, but that didn’t stop us from capturing some amazing Oregon Coast drone footage. Here is a short video we edited with just a small portion of the footage we captured that day.

Here are some high-quality aerial photos of the trial and viewpoint.

The Thumb Aerial Drone Photo

Aerial Photography Gods Thumb OregonView from the backside of Gods Thumb OregonBreathtaking view Gods Thumb Oregon Coast Lincoln City Scenic viewpointLovers on Gods Thumb Lincoln City Oregon

Clips from God’s Thumb in Lincoln City Oregon were also featured in our 2016 video Exploring Oregon 1.0. During the filming of Exploring Oregon we traveled throughout the State of Oregon looking for the most scenic locations we could find. On our way down the Coast we linked up with Alex Reed and Melissa Stough for a couple scenes. Watch the full version below.

Morrisey Video Production is currently on the road working with Oregon Public Broadcasting on several TV episodes that will be released in the fall of 2017. Check out more of our work by visiting the Morrisey Productions Instagram channel and subscribe to us on YouTube.

Jaw-Dropping Drone Video of Ecola State Park in Cannon Beach Oregon

Morrisey Productions takes you on a jaw-dropping visual tour of Ecola State Park in Cannon Beach Oregon. Filmed with a DJI Inspire X5R Drone in high-resolution 4K quality. Morrisey Video Production is a FAA approved and insured Portland Oregon based Drone Video Company servicing the entire Pacific Northwest. Our aerial photography and video services are perfect for a large variety of industries including real estate, golf courses, building inspections, cell phone tower inspections, corporate videos, timber companies, and large farm aerial inspections. Over the years we produced dozens of videos and logged nearly 500 drone flights. Our goal is to share the beauty and magic of our region through high-quality aerial videos and photography.

Looking for more amazing Oregon Videos? Check out our Exploring Oregon 1.0 video that has been seen more than 100,000 people on Facebook and YouTube.

Waikiki Beach Honolulu Hawaii Drone Video 4K


Waikiki Honolulu Hawaii 4K Drone Video

This video was filmed at Waikiki Beach in Honolulu Hawaii by Morrisey Productions in September of 2016. Filmed with a DJI Inspire x5R Drone with raw capability. During this flight Brit Morrisey was controlling the drone and Seth Morrisey was controlling the camera. Check out the Morrisey Productions YouTube channel to see the full video version of our Hawaii adventure including footage of Molokai and surf footage from Queens and other legendary Hawaiian surf locations.

If you prefer, watch the video on Facebook.

Camp 18 Restaurant and Logging Museum

Camp 18 Restaurant and Logging Museum is a Highway 26 Landmark that is a must see destination if your visiting the Oregon Coast. The property is situated exactly 18 miles from the Highway 101 Junction near Seaside Oregon. This historical property and museum has a huge collection of old logging equipment and photography. Plus, the cozy log cabin dining room serves up some of the best home cooked food on the coast. If your traveling West from Portland then Camp 18 is a place you should definitely check out.